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Landing Net Accessories

Snowbee Magnetic Net Release
Snowbee Magnetic Net Release is considerably stronger than previous net release models, despite being smaller. The release is attached via the two split rings supplied, allowing simple connection to the D-Ring on the back of any wading jacket or fly vest. The elasticated bungee lanyard is looped at both ends for easy attachment, to ensure the net remains connected to you.
£ 11.97
Snowbee Landing Net Bag
Snowbee Landing Net Bags, all Snowbee's Telescopic / Folding Nets are fitted with Belt-Clips, but sometimes in heavy undergrowth, the mesh can catch in brambles. Snowbee's Landing Net Bags avoid this problem as the net is housed securely inside, with the mesh protected. The bag can be attached to your belt, with a simple Velcro strap. A drain eyelet in the bottom, allows the net to dry. These bags also keep the car boot dry and free of any fish smell.

Available in three sizes:
19404 Landing Net Bag - S (For Models 15000/010)
19403 Landing Net Bag - M (For Models 15020/030/190)
19402 Landing Net Bag - L (For Model 15200)
£ 5.97
Snowbee Knotless Mesh Nets
Snowbee Knotless Replacement Nets are ideal for catch & release. All landing nets should use knotless net to prevent scale damage. A range of 3 sizes of high quality replacement nets, in Dark Green, 3/4" mesh knotless Nylon.

15000.1 Knotless Net - Small - for nets up to 48" Circumference (Model 1500 + Hand Trout Nets)
15010.1 Knotless Net - Medium- for nets up to 68" Circumference (Models 15010 to 15190, plus 15121, 15282 & 15294)
15030.1 Knotless Net - Large - for nets up to 84" Circumference (Models 15200, 15283 & 15295)
£ 6.97