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Snowbee Prestige Switch Rods

Snowbee Prestige Switch Rods - The lighter #5 &  #6 wt rods can be cast with either single or two hands very easily, whilst the #7 and #8 will involve less single handed and more two-handed use. Spey casting especially, is easily and effectively achieved with all sizes.
Modern switch rods were first introduced in the Pacific North West of North America back in 2004, driven by the need to fish both remote small rivers and nearby coastal fisheries for Wild Steelhead and Salmon, where a solution was required to out-cast single handed rods with simplicity and ease.
The one major hurdle that desperately needed redesigning and understanding fully was that these new rod innovations needed special fly line designs to provide the optimum performance and make them so versatile and effective. The new Snowbee ‘Switch Rod’ fly lines are specifically designed to be coupled with these rods and fished with a Snowbee Poly-Coated Leader, allowing you to fish all the various water levels with fun and ease.
Snowbee Prestige Switch Fly Rod 10'8" #5 - 4 Piece 10123
Snowbee Prestige 10' 8" #5 Switch Fly Rod will quickly become the true trout and grilse fisher's favourite tool. This Switch Fly Rod is lightweight and able to be cast easily with one hand, yet capable of delivering a Spey cast whenever needed to reach those difficult riffles and far off 'holding' trout. So now, whether river or lake fishing, long-distance dry fly, or Czech nymphing, you are always in command with a modern day 'Switch' in your hand!
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