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Sunglasses Accessories

Snowbee Cap-Peak Clip-On Magnifier - 18063
Snowbee Cap-Peak Clip-On Magnifiers, this innovative device provides +2.5 magnifications just where and when it's needed, for changing flies etc. When not required, it simply flips up under the peak of a cap and is virtually undetectable.
£ 13.47
Snowbee Sunglass Lanyard - 19434
Snowbee Sunglass Lanyard - A simple sunglass lanyard design consisting of a braided cord, with 2 silicone rubber tubes on the end, which push easily onto any glasses and grip firmly. A rubber adjuster block can be slid up or down the lanyard to lock it in position. Never lose a pair of sunglasses again!
£ 3.97