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Ratings and Reviews for  Crow Wings

Product Rating
5 / 5
Good quality.
Graham R. 7/10/2020 at 16h56
4 / 5
The wings are great, some feathers are ever so slightly damaged, but that's ok for what I'm doing with them. There is a slight smell, which I assume is something to do with preserving a natural product. All in all, a great item and a super-efficient service.
Paula S. 3/26/2019 at 12h03
Thank you for your review - If an issue with anything damaged please contact us. In terms of smell, yes they are professionally cleaned and prepared for immediate use - If there is a slight smell, just wave them in the fresh air, it will soon dissipate.
Troutcatchers 3/27/2019 at 08h46
5 / 5
Slightly larger than I imagined they would be.
Mark U. 5/30/2018 at 16h44
4 / 5
Many thanks.
David b. 4/5/2017 at 17h39
5 / 5
Very fine, thak ou.
Fritz Harald H. 7/14/2016 at 23h31
4 / 5
There good products but ı need longer crow feather you have longer crow feather ı can buy more products and also ı need garganey duck feathers can you find for me ı need 5000-1000 garganey duck feathers.
Halim papila. 12/8/2015 at 17h06
Thank you for your review - The Crow is a natural animal unfortunately grow to a certain size of which we also have the largest available, and generally of a good consistent size. We will look in to the other items for you and private message you. Thank you again.
Troutcatchers 12/10/2015 at 07h00
5 / 5
Couldn''t ask for more. The wings were even better than I thought they''d be and they arrived within 48 hours. Great service. .
Jamie Wring. 1/16/2015 at 21h32 Review collected by SoapBox