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Ratings and Reviews for  English Partridge Grey Neck Hackles

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3 / 5
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A lot of very small feathers, otherwise OK.
Colin M. 1/10/2016 at 18h39
Thank you for your review, the feathers are from a natural animal so a consistent size is impossible, so a mixed pack is produced by Veniard. Plus the average tyer, because of the versatility of the partridge feather fly tying material will want a range of sizes, for example insect legs through to soft hackle collars on small spider flies.
When ordering if you would like us to try and identify from our stock the largest or smallest of feathers we can try and do this for you but they are fairly consistent with packing.
Hope this helps.
Troutcatchers 1/11/2016 at 08h05
3 / 5
Delivery excellent, but Veniards hackles always seem to be on the large size with very little small ones. I should have checked who was the supplier .
L Fowles. 10/21/2013 at 07h44 Review collected by SoapBox