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Airflo is a leading fly fishing brand, providing high quality fly fishing tackle, fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, leaders and tippets. Troutcatchers stock their very popular Airflo Combo Fly Fishing Kits of which sell by the hundred each year.

Bransford Jungle Cock

Bransford Jungle Cock. Ron Taylor has been breeding Jungle Cocks since 1978 in Worcestershire, England and supplying troutcatchers since 2002.

Supplying the bright fluorescent neck feathers from the cock birds, which are so much sought after by fly tyers world-wide. The Jungle Cock Cape has been used for salmon and trout flies since the nineteenth century. The most commonly used feather is the cape feather or the jungle cock nail. These are used in salmon and trout fly tying for just about every application. The grey jungle cock nail is the most sought after feather. However, the lower nape grey and transition feathers can be used for streamers, steelhead and salmon patterns.

Bug Bond

Bug-Bond - Award Winning - is the first tack free light cured resin designed for fly tying. Launched in 2009 Troutcatchers was one of the original suppliers having identified quickly what a winner these products were going to be – proven by the fact Bug Bond have won numerous trade awards – And thousands of bottles sold since!

Banish all thoughts of being scared of epoxy... Bug-Bond is easy to apply... little if any waste and NO SOLVENTS!

Cortl;and - For over 100 years Cortland Line has been designing and manufacturing the world’s most innovative fly line and braided fishing line.
With passion and experience, Cortland remain focused on one thing: fishing. Fishing has been and always will be what drives them to develop the most advanced lines offered today. Located in Cortland, NY – all of their lines are made in the USA. All lines share the latest in line technology – many technologies that Cortland itself pioneered for the industry. We hope to see you on the water. Or, better yet, stop by and see us – we’d love to talk fishing.
Fulling Mill

Fulling Mill - The UK's Largest UK Stockists of Premium Fly Tying Hook.
With Fulling Mills vast experience spanning almost a century and their expertise in fly dressing, they know a thing or two about hooks. The advanced hook manufacturing technology ensures superior tensile strength and greatly improved penetration, employed by the principle manufacturers of many of their hooks,
The Fulling Mill range of fly hooks are made for FM by Hayabusa. Fulling Mill fly hooks are packed in extra strong PVC wallets offering ease of access, storage and safety.

Hareline Dubbin, Inc. Monroe, Oregon, USA - manufactures and distributes some of the world’s finest fly tying materials available in today's market.
Hareline products are sold through all major Fly Shops throughout the world and troutcatchers are one of the largest in the UK.Hareline Dubbin was founded in 1981 by Bob and Nelda Borden. It has grown from the kitchen stove top with 12 colours of Hareline Dubbin to a 18,000 square foot facility with thousands of fly tying products ready to deliver.
Troutcatchers import from Hareline about 5 or 6 times a year, if we don’t list an item and you’ll like us to get it, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.
Hemingway, troutcatchers stock a large range of synthetic fly tying materials and furled leaders.
Hemingway’s realistic wings and bodies, Mayfly, Stonefly, Caddis etc. are premium quality Hemingway fly tying materials. Very realistic and extremely durable.
Hemingway Furled Leaders, handwoven high quality furled leaders, made out of silicone coated premium nylon. ‘No knot, no glue’ leader to line connection. Pre-looped to attach to the fly line using the simple loop to-loop method.
Kamasan hooks are regarded by many Fly Tiers as the best available. Why? Each Kamasan hook is made from high carbon steel and chemically etched to create the sharp point. The hooks are then treated to a double bronze finish to prevent the hook from rusting, even if it is stored wet. Made in Japan, Kamasan hooks are extremely strong and are made in a variety of shapes that are perfect for the fly tier.
Troutcatchers stock the entire Kamasan hook range; most Kamasan hook choices are available in 25, 100 (most Popular), or 1000 (Best Value) hook packs; Including the Kamasan B175 Sproat (ideal to tie wet flies and nymphs), and the Kamasan B100 Grub (for tying shrimps and grubs) which are Troutcatchers top two selling Kamasan hook types.
Leeda is a well-established distributor of fishing tackle and owning several fishing Brands.
Leeda a well-resourced business developing market-leading products across all angling disciplines, providing a comprehensive and well-supported product portfolio for all specialist retailers.
Based in Milton Keynes UK, Leeda supplies troutcatchers 2 – 3 times per week due to their popularity, especially popular are their leaders and tippets where we sell hundreds per month.
Loon Outdoors
Loon Outdoor, every angler puts a lot of thought into what he or she brings to the water. Loon believe it is equally important to think about what is left there.That is what fishing with a conscience is all about; ascribing value to the health of the water we fish
Loon Outdoors develop their products with these values in mind and make sure they are safe for fish, fisheries, and fishermen, without ever compromising quality or performance. By offering reusable and biodegradable weights and indicators Loon make sure lost tackle doesn’t harm wildlife.
Loon Outdoor floatants, sinkets and cleaners are solvent-free and consist of water-soluble components that perform without polluting the water. And their tying paints, cements and wax are non-toxic and odorless, to keep tying benches free from harmful fumes.
Loon Outdoor products will always allow anglers to fish with a (clear) conscience.
Marc Petitjean
Marc Petitjean, troutcatchers stock a large range of product from this Swiss fly tying manufacturer, materials, tools and vices – And we love them!!
Marc Petitjean, since 1990 have developed a small, yet comprehensive range of fly fishing products for the modern angler. Over the years, Marc Petitjean have introduced many new and imaginative products to the market, all aimed at giving the innovative fly tier the ability to make and develop better flies. They are proud that their products have been honoured with 16 international awards and quite right too!
Merlin Unwin Books Ltd a dynamic UK company dedicated to publishing high quality countryside, wildlife, field sports and fishing books, written by leaders in their fields.
Merlin Unwin Books Ltd was established in 1990 and is based in the market town of Ludlow in Shropshire.
Metz Hackles
Metz Cock & Hen Hackles, after nearly three decades as fly-fishing's leading purveyor of the highest quality genetic dry fly hackle, Metz continues to produce premium hackle for all of your fly-tying needs. Early pioneers of genetic engineering techniques, Metz selected and raised stock specifically for hackle production. Over nearly three decades, Metz has been the industry leader in producing high quality fly-tying hackle. Located in the heart of Pennsylvania among the historical roots of fly-fishing, Metz is grounded in fly-tying heritage. Metz, a name synonymous with quality, and a team dedicated to service, Metz is determined to move fly-tying to the next level of excellence.
Peak Fishing

PEAK Fishing opened for business in 1994, based in in Loveland, CO USA.
PEAK Fishing originated as a custom engineering and manufacturing company and has always centered on strong engineering and quality manufacturing principles encompassing turn-key custom equipment, engineering and fabrication services including CNC milling, CNC lathe work, sheet metal, welding and powder coating, contract assembly work. Hence they know how to build the PEAK Fishing line of fly tying equipment including award winning PEAK Vices and accessories which come with lifetime guarantees.

Pearsall Gossamer
Pearsall Gossamer, England. Since 2002 troutcatchers have been selling this hugely popular and very important fly tying material - Troutcatchers must have sold tens of thousands of metres to our fly tying customer base over these years!
Pearsall's Gossamer Fly Tying Silk is a traditional old fashioned fly tying silk, superb for tying small wets, nymphs, buzzers, and dry flies and featured in many fly tying books and patterns. Gossamer is also hugely popular for Rod whippings.
Sadly getting more challenging to find and supply, but troutcatchers have managed (presently) to source the original Pearsall Gossamer Silks by purchasing huge bulk quantities to maintain supply without resorting to other brands.
Richard Wheatley
Richard Wheatley Fishing Tackle & Fly Boxes, England. Trading since 1860,the company sadly went into liquidation at the start of 2013, luckily however the ‘The Great British Fly Box Company’ picked up the mantle and continued this fine heritage preventing this iconic traditional brand disappearing for ever!
Richard Wheatley workshop was moved from the English Midlands to Ilminster in Somerset, to the South West of England where they have expanded their space twice and now have well over 1000 square feet where they make their rod carriers and fly boxes.
Troutcatchers have continued to support and stock their main products and are always happy to help customers if they have any bespoke requirements where they’ll discuss with Clive at Richard Wheatley to see if they can make something possible.
Skips Originals
Skip's Originals is dedicated to providing exciting, innovative, tackle solutions for fly fishing anglers.
SKIP'S ORIGINALS offers unique, high quality fly fishing products, including TOSI Strike Indicators for Nymphing. Founded in 1990 by Skip Halterman as an off-shoot of his White River School of Fly Fishing in Eureka Springs, Arkansas he instructed his students on the banks of the famous White River chain of tail waters and a tributary, The Little Red River, which held the world record for brown trout at 40 lbs. 4 oz. for over 10 years.
Skip realized that as good as the sport of fly fishing was, there were many long-standing, fly fishing and tackle problems and limitations. He began to use the knowledge he'd gained from his life-long and extensive fishing experience to develop better products. Then came the Turn-On Strike Indicators, a major renovation in strike indicators that took the industry by storm in 1991. They have been copied but never equalled.
Snowbee (UK) Ltd., part of the International Snowbee Group, established in Taiwan in 1978. The Snowbee UK branch has the backing of a large International Group, with offices in Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand and Canada plus many appointed distributors internationally, together with manufacturing bases in Taiwan, China & Korea, in addition to Snowbee UK manufactured products.
Troutcatchers stock the Snowbee entire range of Fly Fishing products, and a large amount of their Sea Fishing items too. Having weekly, sometimes daily, because of their popularity, deliveries. All the troutcatcher crew use Snowbee Rods, Reels, Fly Lines, Waders…… Quality products that defy their prices compared to other manufacturers – And if that’s not all, one of the very best companies out there that truly gives exceptional customer service and back up for both the retailer and the consumer – that’s why we have been partners for well over a decade.
Stonfo based in Florence, Italy, for over thirty years - Stonfo fly tying tools are distributed throughout the World. Troutcatchers are delighted to stock these stunningly designed fly tying tools and vices of which have been top sellers for over 10 years - So popular in fact we have regular weekly deliveries from Stonfo’ s UK distributer.