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Airflo Combo Fly Fishing Kit - 8ft 6in #4/#5

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Airflo Fly Fishing Kit, a 'ready to go fly fishing kit' offering outstanding value for money. A great kit for river or small still waters, also makes a great 'Starter Fly Fishing Kit' for young fly anglers.The Fishing Kit compromises a 4 piece mid to tip action fly rod with a quality protective rod tube. To complement and perfectly balance the rod, a high impact graphite fly reel preloaded with a premium quality Airflo Velocity floating fly line and backing. You will also find in the Fly Fishing Kit a tapered mono leader, flies, box and sunglasses.

Airflo Fly Fishing Kit includes:
- Airflo 8' 6inch 4/5# 4 piece Carbon fly rod
- Pre-loaded Graphite fly reel
- Airflo Velocity WF4 / WF5 Floating fly line and backing
- Protective rod tube
- Tapered mono leader attached to fly line (Using Nail Knot - Loops available if required)
- Fly box and flies
- Sunglasses for eye protection
Customer reviews
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Just what I wanted for my grandson's first fly rod and kit. Good price, good product, good service. It's why I buy from Troutcatchers.
Shopping Satisfaction
As this was being marketed as a novice/learner outfit, I expected the fly line to have a loop in for easier connection to a leader. Dissappinted🙁
Mark I.
Thank you for your review - There are several ways to attach a leader to your fly line. Which is best? there is no perfect answer, it is very subjective depending on who you talk to. At the end of the day it will be personal preference.
Airflo use the stronger & far more reliable 'Nail Knot' attachment on their kits. But agree that a beginner may find the loop method easier, however it is very easy to tie the 'Nail Knot' with a bit of practice. But if you prefer a loop, they are very cheap and also easy to attach.
Hope this helps.