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Bloodworm Fly

Bloodworm Fishing Fly"BLOODWORM are little critters that live in the mud and detritus of the lake bottom, so in all logic this is where these flies should be fished, especially when the grass and bankside vegetation is coated with frost. But in truth, when I fish Bloodworm off a floating or sink-tip line, as I usually do, most of the pulls come while this little red fly drops through the water.
Yet another of those intriguing instances when fishing a fly ‘on the drop’ with little induced movement can be a stunningly successful method. What a lot of anglers have a problem with is keeping their fingers still, there’s this instinctive predilection to start a retrieve after half a minute or so"
Download the full article>> From trout fisherman magazine Feb 2017 - Page 72 Russ Symons FLYBOX FILLERS - pdf; pictures, diagrams on how to fly tie and fish, etc.
All materials from Russ's article below, or if you don't tie, then you can buy the fly!

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Turrall Bead / Gold Head Bloodworm - Bh35-Size 10
Turrall Specialist & Top Quality Fly TURRALL BEAD / GOLD HEAD BLOODWORM - BH35 Fishing Fly.
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Bloodworm - Fly Box Filler
Bloodworm - Fly Box Filler all the fly tying materials you need to tie Russ Symons Bloodworm
Fly Tying Materials :
- Hook: Size 12 Fulling Mill 35005 heavyweight champ barbless black nickel
- Thread & body: Veevus 140 denier PB8, bright red
- Tail: Veniard red fluorescent marabou
- Rib: A strand of fine red holographic tinsel
- Beadhead: 3mm red tungsten bead
- Varnish Clear

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