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Bug-Bond™ Tip-Kit

Bug Bond
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BUG-BOND Tip Kit - this is kit includes a replacement bottle top with stopper and 5 taper tips that allows BUG-BOND™ to be dispensed precisely. The tips can be reused IF they are not exposed to UV light and kept in a sealed bag until the next time. IF stray UV cures the material in the top of the tip then usually a quick snip of the tip with a pair of tying scissors will give you a tip that you can continue using.
Customer reviews
A quality product.
Robert J.
Great product! Very useful!
Andy s.
Would definitely recommend the tip kit for precise work, this puts the Bug-Bond exactly where you need it with no wastage, makes life a lot easier when sealing tricky flies. Seems expensive for a few plastic nozzles however due to its accuracy it will definitely save on the Bug-Bug in the long run. The tips appear to be very well manufactured from sturdy material so I dare say if you look after them and I'm sure they will last for years.
Julian Land.
Excellent product for tying nymph series.
Stephane Q.
Would be better with a seal for the pink tips rather than have to remove them to put top on bottle.
Geoffrey P.
A little smaller than l was expecting but you have more control great product.
Michael D.
Good product. Canny fault the service received and the speed of delivery.
Frank Doyle Review collected by SoapBox