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Cortland Pre Loaded Outfit 8ft 5/6 WT

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Cortland Pre Loaded Outfit 8ft 5/6 WT ideal for trout and smaller species.

Cortland Pre Loaded Outfit 8ft 5/6 WT features a 4 piece composite blank which is perfectly matched with Cortland preloaded graphite matrix composite reel. The strong, lightweight rod is fitted with a hook keeper.  The reel has a solid drag system and a quick release spool button. These fly fishing kits are preloaded with 65 feet of WF floating fly line and 150 feet of Cortland backing. Perfect for the beginner fly fisher or as that extra combo you might pack for a spare.

Cortland Pre Loaded Outfit 8ft 5/6 WT features:
  • Water: Freshwater / Saltwater
  • Rod : 8ft #5 / #6 weight
  • Reel : Solid drag system and a quick release spool button
  • Line: Floating - 65ft (Loaded)
  • Backing Line - 150ft (Loaded)
  • Length: 84ft
  • Leader - attached to fly line (Nail knot)

Cortland Pre Loaded Outfit Accessories to start fishing straight away...
  • Leader (Additional leader)
  • Flies (if inexperienced ask for advice or go with a lure set up)
  • Forceps (For unhooking fish)
  • Sunglasses (For essential eye protection and fish spotting)
Cortland Pre Loaded Outfit Accessories that are highly recommended...
  • Landing Net (To safely land a fighting fish)
  • Fly Box (To keep flies safe)
  • Snips / Nippers (To cut and trip leader)
  • Zinger / Retriever (To attach to your clothing nippers, forceps etc. for convenience)
  • Fly Fishing Cap (To protect head from flying hooks and help spot spot fish whilst protecting you from the elements)
  • Flies (In addition to above - Look for Dries, Wets & Nymphs)
Cortland Pre Loaded Outfit Accessories that should be considered...
  • Fly Fishing Chest Pack / Bag (Keep everything safe in one place)
  • Priest (If fishing to kill)
Cortland Pre Loaded Outfits just one of the amazing premium quality Cortland fly fishing items troutcatchers stock.