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Fish Scale - Just Add H20

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Fish Scale - Just Add H20 fly tying material

 supplied to troutcatchers from Veniard, an easy fly tying material to use.

Fish Scale is a revolutionary and brand new fry pattern fibre that has an unbelievable realistic fish scale finish when submerged in water. The blend of pearly twisted flash and crimped nylon simulates the scales of fry and makes your fly irresistible to the predator instincts of you quarry. Fish Scale is available in 10 different options.

Fish Scale - Just Add H20
just one of over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials & Fly Tying Tools that troutcatchers have in stock, order with confidence being assured of a 5 Star Service and Price Guarantee.
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1098-Choice : 1098-Black
Super fibres.
Joanna O.
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1098-Choice : 1098-Shrimp
Looks good.
Mark C.