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Glues & Epoxies

Fly Tying Glues & Epoxies from troutcatchers, choose from our comprehensive catalogue below along with over 4,000 Premium Fly Tying Materials, sourced from Worldwide leading brands including VeniardTurrall & many others.

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy
Devcon 5 minute Epoxy, a 2 pack epoxy that dries in 5 minutes when mixed. The Devcon Epoxy is ideal for any fly that requires a tough clear coat. As used on the epoxy Buzzer.
£ 8.07
Fulling Mill World Class Super Glue
Fulling Mill Fishing Super Glue, water resistant formula provides extra power instantly. This Glue is an essential fly dressing tool, tackle repairs on the hoof (make sure you keep it in your tackle bag), fly line loop preparation, and general waterside backup. Another best seller from Fulling Mill.
£ 4.07
Bondtite Anglers Glue - Waterproof Superglue
Bondtite Anglers Glue - Waterproof Superglue. Dries in seconds with incredible strength. Great for Knots and leaders as well as Super Glue Buzzers.
£ 6.37