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Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles

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Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles fly tying material

 supplied to troutcatchers from Veniard, used extensively for tying modern and traditional fly patterns.

Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles - A mixed bag of small, medium and large guinea fowl hackles. These wonderfully marked feathers have many uses and are available in several colours. 2 gram packet.

Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles
just one of over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials & Fly Tying Tools that troutcatchers have in stock, order with confidence being assured of a 5 Star Service and Price Guarantee.
Customer reviews
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501-Select Colour: : 501-Red
They look fine but I have yet to use them.
Andrew D.
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501-Select Colour: : 501-Blue (Jay Subs)
Very little usable hackles.
Peter K.
Peter, if these are not suitable for you as discussed please return and we will find alternatives. Thanks.
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501-Select Colour: : 501-Green
Good quality.
Colin M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good Value
Good sized packet and value for money colour was perfect
Malcolm Brown Review collected by SoapBox