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Marc Petitjean Split Thread 4 X Mixed Colours

Marc Petitjean
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Marc Petitjean Split Thread has been specifically designed by Marc Petitjean to complement his Magic tool sets.

The Petitjean Split Fly Tying Thread 8/0 works well with any tying method that requires the thread to be split. 200M Spools Black, Grey Olive & Light Tan only. Also can be purchased separately.
Customer reviews
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A nice mix of colours and of good quality.
Robert W.
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Very good.
David L.
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5 stars.
Alexander N.
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No labels on the SpoolsAnd, When you mix them in with 50 other spools I would like to knowWhich ones are the petitjean split thread.Quality wise I have yet to get around to using them, But I'm sure they will be superb.
Tim W.
Thank you for your feedback, great point of which we will pass back to Marc Petitjean.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good quality.