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Gary Pearson Flies - Turrall - Claret Muskins - GP02 - Size 12
Gary Pearson Flies - Turrall - Claret Muskins - Size 12 - A great light line, middle dropper fly for fussy trout. Usually fished with a heavy buzzer on the point for when the fish are feeding below the surface. This Claret Muskins fly has proved successful on all reservoirs from mid May to August.
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Muskins Nymph - Fly Box Filler
Muskins - Fly Box Filler all the fly tying materials you need to tie Russ Symons Muskins Nymph

Muskins Nymph - Fly Box Filler Fly Tying Materials :
- Hook: Size 12 or 14 Kamasan B175 or B170
- Thread: Utc GSP Thread
- Tail: Black cock hackle fibres
- Rib: Silver wire for black Muskins, copper wire for the natural
- Body: Two strands of black dyed (or natural) pheasant tail fibre
- Thorax cover: Strands of peasant tail
- Thorax: Black dubbing for the Black Muskins and hare’s ear for the natural coloured ones
- Breathers: Glo-Brite floss No.3 crimson or No.5 fire orange

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