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Snowbee 3-Dimensional Spey Casting

Snowbee 3-Dimensional Spey Casting

Snowbee 3-Dimensional Spey Casting - The ever popular 3D series, with their characteristic tapers, so loved by salmon fishers worldwide, all now boast the new ‘Nano-technology’ coatings for even slicker performance. The revolutionary 3D ‘balanced system’ relies on head weights specifically matched to the ‘Optimum Head Weight’ (OHW) designated on all Snowbee Salmon Spey rods for the perfect balance.

On large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey casting and the size of the ‘D’ loop is not a limiting factor Spey casting your way down a tree-lined or steep sided river however adds another dimension. Using a line with too short or too long a head and finding the optimum rod load point is left pretty much to guesswork. The Snowbee development team has tackled this situation head-on and produced a range of lines that are perfectly balanced for Spey casting in just about any river environment.

Snowbee 2D Floating Spey Fly Line
Snowbee 2D Floating Spey Fly Line, suitable for Spey Casting in medium-sized rivers where bank-side vegetation and/ or steep sided riverbanks have only minimal impact on the back-cast area. Middle to long distance Spey line for intermediate and advanced Spey casters.

Snowbee 2D Floating Spey Fly Line - Head Length 62ft: Ivory/Peach: Choice 36g/8-9, 40g/9-10, 44g/10-11, 56g/11-12
£ 58.27