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Snowbee 6" Folding Filleting Knife - 19315

Snowbee 6" Folding Filleting Knife - 19315

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£ 9.97
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Snowbee 6" Folding Filleting Knife has a robust non-slip rubber handle with finger depressions. The 6" one piece 420 grade forged stainless steel blade sits safely inside the handle & easily pulls out, locking in to position without accidently folding back on to your fingers. The other benefit of this knife is its fold-out de-scaler and kidney blood removal tool making it a very practical fish preparation knife.
Customer reviews
This is a very handy filleting knife and I like it being a folding lock knife. Be prepared to put and edge on it but it would be very petty to complain about that bearing in mind the cost and of course a filleting knife is in constant need of sharpening anyway. All in all I am very happy with my first experience of Troutcatchers.
Keith P.
Very well made knife highly recommended.
Davie I.
Lovely sharp knife.
Great quality of knife for the price.
Alan s.
Exactly what I was looking for and at a very reasonable price. This isn't an heirloom quality tool obviously but for the money is excellent value. The thin, fine tipped flexible blade is very sharp from new and minimal honing gets it razor sharp. The locking mechanism isn't as stiff or strongly sprung as you might find on a pocket knife but that's a plus if you've got cold wet hands and it still locks the blade securely. On a quality to price ratio I've got to give it full marks.
Jon F.
Good product.
Roland l.
Love this knife. Just feels right in the hand. But I'd rather use a tea spoon for cleaning the blood channel.
James D.
Good knife worth the money fast delivery cheers.
Michael B.
More than happy with my purchase. For the price I think the Snowbee 6" Folding Filleting Knife is very good quality and well made.
Michael H.
Superb quality super price defiantly worth the buy value for money
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