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Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders

Snowbee Geo 5 Waders
Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders - "When Only The Best Will Do!!" Tackle Tester Choice - trout fisherman - January 2018
Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders, a long lasting and top quality combined ASF 5-Layer and 3-Layer breathable wader from Snowbee. New seam designs provide an ‘articulated knee’ for freedom of movement and minimal crease wear. The heavy-duty 5-layer material is used throughout the harder wearing areas of the legs and extended ‘seat pad’.
The Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders boast Top Quality Swiss Riri main zip for total reliability, plus welded and zipped top and side hand-warmer pockets. The adjustable braces feature neoprene panels with ‘Air-wick’ padding for comfort.
Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders, available in full range of sizes from Small to XX-Large, including ‘Fuller Body’, ‘Short’ and ‘Standard’ fitting options.
Troutcatcher Geo-5 Outfit Deal - Buy any pair of Geo-5 Breathable Stockingfoot Waders & get any pair of ‘Stream-Trek’ Wading Boots ½ Price! – Discount applied through checkout.
Trout Fisherman Tackle Tester Award - Click to download information
Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders - Fuller Body Fit - 11190FB
Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders - Fuller Body Fit, by definition, breathable materials need to be relatively thin in order to breathe. However this simple fact also makes Waders more susceptible to puncture damage from thorns and gorse. Lightweight waders are fine on manicured trout streams, but in more harsh conditions something more rugged is required… that’s where the new Snowbee Geo-5 waders come in.
Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders features a new cutting style, whereby the leg seams run up the front and back of the leg to avoid all possible seam chafe. This also allows Snowbee to create articulated legs, with a natural curve in them, for greater comfort and freedom of movement, without having to add additional pleats and seams.
The Waders upper is a 3-layer polyester, with a breathability of 4,405 g/m2/24hrs and hydrostatic pressure (waterproofness), of 15,000mm. From the waist down the Snowbee Geo-5 uses a top grade, high-density polyester taffeta. This heavy-duty material features a 5-layer construction with two breathable membranes sandwiched in-between. This new grade of material is about as 'thornproof' as it is possible to get without sacrificing breathability, and puts Snowbee on a par with the best waders on the market, but at a realistic price! It has a breathability of 1,500 g/m2/24hrs and hydrostatic pressure of an incredible 30,000mm – double most brands of waders!
The Geo-5 is fitted with two welded chest pockets, plus two fleece-lined side hand-warmer pockets – all with the latest design of water-resistant zips. All the pockets open within an internal welded panel, so even if you get water inside them, you stay dry.

Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders available in 3 different fits:-
- Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders Standard Fit; S,M,L,XL,XXL
- Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders - Fuller Body; M-FB,L-FB,XL-FB
- Snowbee Geo-5 Breathable Waders – Short Fit; M-S,L-S,XL-S
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Troutcatcher Geo-5 Outfit DealBuy any pair ofGeo-5 Breathable Stockingfoot Waders & get any pair of ‘Stream-Trek’ Wading Boots ½ Price! – Discount applied through checkout.
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