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Snowbee Geo Fly Reels

Snowbee Geo Fly reel, machined from the best quality solid bar stock aluminium, the Geo is the ultimate lightweight large arbor reel. From the moment you first pick up a Snowbee Geo, you realise you are handling something special. Hard anodised in a satin pewter finish, with brushed aluminium trim, the Geo is closer to a piece of artwork than a fly reel. Yet lurking below the surface is the latest design of multi-disc, centre drag systems, featuring polished stainless steel, glass fibre and Teflon / Rulon composite drag washers. A detented drag control provides a smooth, progressive drag, coupled with minimal start-up inertia. Whether you are fishing 2lb tippet for lightning-fast, wild Brownies, or coping with smash-takes from heavy over-wintered Rainbows' the Geo will take it all in its stride.- CNC machined from Aerospace grade A6061-T6 aluminium - Milled frame and spool for ultra-light weight - Large arbor design for faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory - Hard anodised finish for total saltwater and chip resistance - Multi-disc, saltwater resistant centre drag system - Easy left-to-right hand conversion - One-way roller clutch bearing plus sealed drag bearing- All stainless steel internal parts - Quick release spool - Tippet retaining O-ring on spool counter-balance.
Snowbee Geo Cassette Fly Reel 790 - 10594C
Snowbee Geo 790 Cassette, a new Cassette Spool version of the popular 790 model from Snowbee. Built to the same exacting standards, as the current Geo reels, but fitted with a precision moulded, reinforced polycarbonate Cassette Spool.The Cassette model gives the same line capacity as the standard model; this offers the advantage of quick change, inexpensive cassette spools, so favoured by competition and pleasure fisherman alike.Weight 152g (5.4oz) Diamerter 4.1" / 104mm. Backing Capacity: WF7F+100yds 22lb braid
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£ 235.00
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Snowbee Geo Fly Reel 340 - 10592
Snowbee Geo 340, possibly the ultimate light-line river reel. Weighing in at a class-leading 122g (4.3oz), the Snowbee Geo 340 offers supreme performance, hi-tech design and stunning looks… plus a drag quite capable of taming that monster brownie, lurking under the bank.Geo 340 detail: Diameter: 3.1" / 80mm. Backing Capacity WF4F + 50yds 22lb braid.
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£ 195.00
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Snowbee Geo Fly Reel 790 - 10594
Snowbee Geo 790 is a true super-large arbor reel. The additional diameter provides extra-fast line retrieval, when you need to get that fish 'back on the reel' in a hurry. The larger arbor diameter, gives the 790 it's elegant, lightweight looks, but don't be fooled… there is more than enough backing capacity to cope with a double figure Rainbow or the seething run of a big bonefish.Geo 790 detail: Weight: 152g (5.4oz). Diameter: 4.1" / 104 mm. Backing Capacity, WF7F + 100yds 22lb braided backing
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£ 239.00
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Snowbee Geo Cassette Fly Reel 560 -10593C
Snowbee Geo Cassette 560C Fly Reel, the all new 560C reel offers the convenience of a cassette system to small stillwater and river fly anglers. The Geo 560 has all the features of the 790C and built to the same exacting standard of the Geo Reel ranges, but fitted with a precision moulded, reinforced polycarbonate Cassette Spool.
Weight: 158g (5.6oz). Diameter: 3.5" / 90mm 10593C - Backing Capacity, WF6F + 75yds 22lb braid
£ 197.17