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Snowbee Geo-S Salmon & Saltwater Fly Reels

Snowbee Geo-S Salmon & Saltwater Fly ReelsSnowbee Geo-S Salmon & Saltwater Fly Reels - The new Snowbee Geo-S range moves Snowbee into a different league in terms of technology and performance. The design brief was for a range of reels with which the world's fly fishers could take on the best that the largest rivers and widest oceans could throw at them… and win! 
These classy new reels feature a precision milled CNC body and spool to reduce weight to the minimum, whilst retaining massive strength. The powerful, multi-disc, stacked drag system, uses a mix of stainless steel, carbon fibre and cork, to deliver a silky-smooth drag performance, with near zero start-up inertia. A fine-pitch, detented drag adjustment allows minute increases in drag pressure, from zero, to a class leading 6.5kg (14lb) at maximum drag and the whole drag assembly is completely sealed for saltwater use. 
Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel #810 - 10597
Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel #810, the perfect choice for lighter line salmon or sea-trout matched with the smaller Spey rods, or perfect on Switch rods. The Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel is equally at home saltwater fly fishing for bonefish, jacks, permit or smaller tarpon, or for throwing big flies at monster pike closer to home.
Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel #810: Backing Capacity WF10F + 200yd 30lb braid : Weight 295g (10.4oz). Diameter 4.1" / 105mm.
£ 339.00
(-41.01%) £ 199.97
Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel #1012 - 10598
Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel #1012 has a class-leading line capacity, which will comfortably swallow a long-belly Spey line with ample backing to spare. Whether your target species is Atlantic salmon on the fastest of rivers, sailfish and tuna on the world's oceans, or monster tarpon in tropical mangroves, this powerful Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel will cope comfortably with it's amazing drag system delivering up to 6.5kg (14lb) of drag.
Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel #1012 : Backing Capacity 2D 11/12 + 300yd 30lb braid : Weight 325g (11.5oz). Diameter 4.5" / 114mm.
£ 359.00
(-40.12%) £ 214.97