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Snowbee Specialist Sub-Surface XS Fly Lines

Snowbee Sub Surface XS Fly LinesSnowbee Specialist Sub-Surface XS Fly Lines, all these fly lines are made with the same exacting profile to avoid inherent hinging and ‘kick’ associated with some Sink Tip lines for best presentation and turnover.
Snowbee XS Buzzer Fly Line - Xs-Wfbt
Snowbee XS Buzzer Fly Line - XS-WFBT - The new Snowbee ‘Buzzer’ line. For optimum performance when fishing the ubiquitous and hugely rewarding style of buzzer fishing from the bank or boat. The last 3-4ft of the front taper section is coloured a neutral shade of olive where it has been designed to sink slowly and improve successful ‘hook ups’ and ‘feel’ when straight line nymphing and buzzer fishing.

FLOATING: / 1.2-1.8 ips Tip
£ 47.00
(-7.51%) £ 43.47
Snowbee XS Clear Intermediate - Wfi
Snowbee XS Clear Intermediate - WFI - The combination of outstanding Snowbee XS performance, with virtual invisibility, makes this versatile line deadly for all sub-surface fishing, whether buzzer fishing, nymphing, Sea Trout fishing or saltwater.
Minimal stretch for ultimate feel, this is a stealth fishing line that every angler should carry on one of their spare spools.

SINK RATE: 1.5 - 2.5ips (Inches Per Second)
£ 47.00
(-14.28%) £ 40.29
Snowbee XS Intermediate Sink Tip Fly Line - Wfst
XS Intermediate Sink Tip Fly Line - WFST - A sink tip line which exhibits the same superb casting performance as Snowbee floating lines, without the hinging and "casting kick" usually associated with Sink Tips. The 13ft intermediate density sink tip will 'hang' sub-surface, giving straight line contact with the fly, to avoid missed takes. The uniform sink rate can be accurately controlled by the speed of retrieve, making this the ultimate sink tip line for the serious Grayling or Sea-Trout angler.

SINK RATE: 1.14 - 1.86 ips (Inches Per Second)
£ 47.00
(-7.51%) £ 43.47
Snowbee XS Neutral Density - Wfnd
Snowbee XS Neutral Density - WFND - The super slow, uniform sink rate of this line is designed to ‘hang’ just sub-surface. Too many lines sink quickly below invisible subsurface fish but this one, once it cuts through the surface, sinks very slowly with immense control and feel, and delightfully memory free but super sensitive low-stretch core in neutral colour. There is not a line made today to match it.

SINK RATE: 1.14 - 1.86 ips (Inches Per Second)
£ 47.00
(-7.51%) £ 43.47
Snowbee XS-Plus ‘Kelly-Blue’ Intermediate Fly Line
Snowbee XS-Plus 'Kelly-Blue' Intermediate Fly Line (1.5-1.8ips) in addition to the New Floating options (Thistledown & Nymph Uni-Weight) Snowbee have extended the Nano technology to this unique sinking fly line - a superb casting, two-colour 'Kelly-Blue' Intermediate. With a Kelly Green head and Royal Blue running line, this slow sinking line has been specifically designed for the Irish and Loch fishing styles, and it has already proved hugely successful in testing across a range of fishing styles and techniques. With a low stretch braided core and conventional WF Taper, this line with its new Nano construction will behave very similarly to the Neutral Density (WFND) fly line but should cut through the surface film a little quicker but not sink as fast as other, more conventional intermediate fly lines.

Snowbee XS-Plus 'Kelly Blue' Fly Line TOTAL LINE LENGTH 90ft /30yds /27.4m - Available Wf5 - Wf9

Tackle Tester Choice - Trout Fisherman
£ 49.00
(-7.61%) £ 45.27