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Snowbee Specialist Sub-Surface XS Fly Lines

Snowbee Sub Surface XS Fly LinesSnowbee Specialist Sub-Surface XS Fly Lines, all these fly lines are made with the same exacting profile to avoid inherent hinging and ‘kick’ associated with some Sink Tip lines for best presentation and turnover.
Snowbee XS Buzzer Fly Line - Xs-Wfbt
Snowbee XS Buzzer Fly Line - XS-WFBT - The new Snowbee ‘Buzzer’ line. For optimum performance when fishing the ubiquitous and hugely rewarding style of buzzer fishing from the bank or boat. The last 3-4ft of the front taper section is coloured a neutral shade of olive where it has been designed to sink slowly and improve successful ‘hook ups’ and ‘feel’ when straight line nymphing and buzzer fishing.

FLOATING: / 1.2-1.8 ips Tip
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