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Snowbee Spectre SP Fly Rod 9' #8 - 10019

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Snowbee Spectre SP Fly Rod - Uses the very latest carbon fibre technology

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Snowbee Spectre SP Fly Rod 9' #8 
- With the ever increasing popularity of saltwater, carp and pike fly fishing, for Snowbee have added a new Saltwater Predator model to the Spectre range.
This is not just the standard rod with a different logo! Purpose-designed for the requirements of these fly fishing disciplines, the blanks have steeper tapers and thicker wall profiles to handle the larger, more powerful fish likely to be encountered. Brushed aluminium-finish reel seat and high chrome guides, make the Spectre SP stand out from the crowd!

Description:- Snowbee Spectre Fly Rod
Model : - 10019
Length Line Wt.:- #8
Rod Wt:- 124gram / 4.4oz
Handle:- Full Wells
- Finish:- Matt finish blanks avoid ‘rod flash’ to give you every advantage over your quarry.
- All Spectre Fly Rods come in a self-colour cotton drill rod bag, with a Cordura covered rod tube, in an eye-catching Black and Orange dog-tooth pattern, to be instantly recognisable, as a Snowbee Spectre!

The New Range of Snowbee Spectre Fly Rods 

Snowbee Spectre Fly Rods use the very latest carbon - fibre technology to create a range of rods, whose performance is un-matched at this price. 
For many years, Snowbee have used ‘multimodulus’ carbon technology in the design of their blanks. By varying the tensile modulus of the carbon fibre lay-up, along the length of the blank, allows Snowbee to precisely design and control the stiffness and flex in the Spectre Fly Rod sections, as well as the recovery speed of the tip. 
The new Snowbee Spectre Fly Rod range takes this on to a whole new level. The fine Profile banks use predominantly 40 ton carbon fibre, blended with a small amount of 36 tons, to deliver the precise, crisp, and middle to- tip action we required. The result is a fly rod that loads and un-loads more precisely and smoothly, to provide that 'light in the hand', balanced feel, that all fly rod designers strive for. 
To ensure this precise blank design is not altered in any way, Snowbee use a ‘un-ground’, natural finish. Precise engineering of the carbon matt lay-up, produces a double-helical hoop pattern in the carbon fibre, and leaving this intact, adds strength to the blank, whilst making the Spectre fly rod lighter, more durable and provides enhanced performance. 
The modern action and performance is matched by the contemporary finish. Compare a Spectre fly rod next to other brands and you’ll notice Snowbee have nothing to hide! Snowbee don’t cover up any blank blemishes with coats of paint and they don’t use opaque epoxy to mask sloppy guide whippings! Snowbee uses natural finish blanks, clear matt varnish and transparent thread coatings, that let their careful workmanship shine through. 
The clear matt varnish allows the beauty of the carbon fibre pattern to show through, while the matte finish eliminates ‘rod flash’ in bright conditions. Matching self-colour whippings and the latest 'soft-touch' rubber coated reel seats complete the understated look, but these new-look Spectre fly rods are bound to turn heads! Make no mistake, the Spectre fly rods are designed to catch fish, not fishermen… although their entire look is bound to appeal to the serious Fly fisher, looking for every advantage over his or her quarry, without having to spend a fortune or worry about ‘shelf appeal’. 
The Snowbee Spectre Fly Rods are built with stainless steel guides, with a super-hard titanium coating, provides less line friction through the rod rings. The latest pattern, oversized stripper guides have a new leg design, which provides better support and helps channel the fly line more smoothly through the ring. The high grade zirconium ring liners reduce friction to the minimum, while the snake guides are high-lift, American pattern, with oversize hay-fork tip rings, to maximise line speed. 
The Spectre fly rod also feature angler-friendly touches like alignment dots to quickly line-up your fly rod sections and self-indexing reel seats, with a small diamante ‘marker’ to quickly get your reel on the rod, allowing you to concentrate on your fishing.
Snowbee Spectre Fly Rods  from a 8'6" #5 weight model up to a 11' model #7 if you need any help in choosing the correct fly rod, please checkout our helpful fly rod guide here. The full Snowbee Spectre Rod Range here.

Snowbee Spectre Fly Rod Combi Outfit - Save 20% on individual prices if purchased with a Snowbee Fly Line & Reel 

Snowbee Spectre Fly Rods will compliment any of Snowbee range of Fly Reels, however they would suit the range of Spectre Fly Reels perfectly. With a XS Fly Line of your choice you will have a perfect set up. Just make sure you choose the correct reel and line rating based of the weight of your chosen rod. If you need any help, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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