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Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer

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Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer, a breed of tippet materials, incorporating the very latest in material and extrusion technologies, to create lines as good as anything on the market… and better than most! 

Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer, The XS-Plus Gold Super Copolymer is the number one choice for the most demanding angler thanks to its 100% fluorocarbon coating, it retains nearly all of its strength when wet, unlike conventional nylons, which can lose as much as 15% in water.
This latest development in line technology is one of the most high-tech products on the market today, thanks to a new ‘state-of-the-art’ extrusion process coupled with a very expensive raw material – no expense has been spared with the Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer to create the ultimate tippet line. Snowbee XS-Plus Gold, provides maximum strength, without sacrificing the other features demanded by today’s discerning fly fisherman.
What is amazing about this XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer line, not withstanding its super-high knot strength, is its limited stretch factor of 22–24% elongation, which dramatically improves bite detection, whilst allowing sufficient stretch to avoid shaking fish off, when using barbless hooks. For convenience, both the new XS-Plus Gold lines (also available, XS-Plus Gold Super-Fluorocarbon) come on new, smaller spools. These super-narrow, 50m spools will join together if required and at just 65mm diameter, fit easily into any fly vest pocket or tippet spool holder.
Each XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer line weight is colour-coded with an elasticated retainer, which not only gives you quick and easy line identification, but also holds the line in place and stops that annoying un-spooling! 

Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer features:
  • High knot strength 
  • Controlled stretch 
  • High and consistent tensile strength in water 
  • Excellent impact strength to help avoid those smash takes 
  • Super smooth finish 
  • Low memory provides high resistance to kinking 
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for long term durability.
Snowbee XS-Plus Gold Super-Copolymer - available in 5 Strengths - 50 meter spools;

Model  Diameter  Breaking Strain  X-Rating
15790  0.09mm  2.1lb  8X
15791  0.11mm  3.2lb  7.5X
15792  0.12mm  3.7lb  7X
15793  0.15mm  5lbs  6X
15794  0.17mm  6.5lbs  5X

From the range of Snowbee XS Leader & Tippet Material range of premium tackle, complete range here, and if advice is required, our Leader & Tippet help page can be found here.
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6316-Choice : 5lbs x 50 mtr - 15793
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6316-Choice : 6.5lbs x 50 mtr - 15794
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