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Snowbee XS Plus Spectre Distance Fly Line - Intermediate

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Snowbee XS Plus Spectre Distance Fly Line - Intermediate - will flatter the casting performance of any fly angler, and if you can cast well, the Spectre Distance Fly Line will make your casting exceptional!

  • Snowbee XS Plus Spectre Distance Fly Line choice WF# 5,6,7,8
  • Intermediate 2inch per second
  • Total Length Head 47ft
  • 7ft Front Taper
  • 32ft Line Belly
  • 8ft Rear Taper
  • Running Line 73ft
  • Weight Forward Profile -Total Length 120ft
  • Spectre series comprises of three models; Floating, Intermediate (2 inch per second) and Fast-Sink (5 inch per second)
  • Welded Loops
  • Two Colour fly lines to identify the perfect loading point for optimal casting. Intermediate Ghost / Chartreuse.

The new Snowbee XS Plus Spectre Distance Fly Line series has been purpose-designed for amazing casting even in the hands of less experienced fly fishers. For many years the XS floating fly line has been a flag ship product for Snowbee with perfect profile and memory free presentation. Now with the development of Nano Coating technology Snowbee have not only improved all their fly lines, but they've been working to produce a new XS-Plus Spectre fly line, with a profile that can produce equally effortless, but longer casts without having to be a tournament caster.

Snowbee XS Plus Spectre Distance Fly Lines further information
The new Snowbee XS-Plus Spectre line design allows for the casting ability of most fly anglers. If you can cast at all, this line will flatter your performance. If you can cast well, the Spectre lines will help make your casting become exceptional. The new Spectre series have a new profile, extending the range of Snowbee traditional XS fly lines and are all 30ft longer in total length to account for their outstanding performance. Each of the new Spectre Distance lines have the same 47ft length head, but to help achieve the benefit of longer casts with much the same casting ability, the profiles have been ‘tweaked’ to optimise performance, with all casting abilities. The 7ft front taper allows good turnover at longer range, while the 8ft rear taper provides a range over which a good cast can still be achieved, whether the optimum head length has been precisely aerialised, or not.

The traditional XS fly lines have a rear taper that starts at approximately 31 feet. The rear taper on the Spectre lines start at a much extended 39ft, nearly a third longer! This provides a load point much longer than normal but still manageable, so where back-cast room allows, a significantly longer cast can be achieved, without having to add bulk to the fly line for the same result. Snowbee lines are renowned for being very slim and by extending the head length, within manageable levels, this adds weight to the overall head when fully extended, without increasing wind resistance through bulk. Although only small in additional weight gain, the benefit produces a better load flex in the fly rod for the same effort, but essentially the slim profile lines will still cast with extreme smoothness and cut through the air, effortlessly. With a longer head already extended, the cast automatically travels further.

Snowbee slim running line also then comes into play and this combination accounts for the increased line length of 120ft long rather than the standard 90ft. The Spectre series comprises of three models; Floating, Intermediate and Fast-Sink. The Floating line will provide long and accurate casts when fishing dries, buzzers or damsels, whilst the Intermediate, with a sink rate on the head of 2ips (inch per second) will provide the ability to fish subsurface in all weathers. The Fast-Sink line has a sink rate of 5ips and will also provide the ability to reach drop-off sat long range and get down quickly to fish along the bottom, early season with boobies, or search at depth from the boat, to find fish holding deeper in typical summertime conditions. All the lines have a floating running line that will gradually pull sub-surface, with the weight of the sinking lines, to provide the perfect direct contact to the flies, without any slack, for enhanced bite detection.

Snowbee Fly Lines along with the Snowbee Backing Line make a perfect set up. Don't forget to keep your Snowbee Fly Line in top condition with their cleaning products to help maximise casting, and protect your investment.

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Weight Forward Choice: : WF #8
Good smooth long distance line.
Ian P.
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Weight Forward Choice: : WF #5
Fantastic line.
Ronald R.