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Stonfo Thread Splitter

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Stonfo Thread Splitter, a high precision tool that allows you to split microscopic thread easily to make dubbing loops to insert dubbing or CDC fibres, this will quickly help form collar hackle or buggy dubbed bodies.
Stonfo Thread Splitter works by simply inserting the fly tying thread into the centre of the thread Splitter, depress the spring-loaded needle upwards and this will split your tying thread. We found that the larger threads are the easiest, at least a 8/0 or 70 denier, they also need to be flat or semi flat, the round threads(Uni) are challenging as the thread is twisted together, however we found with patience stretching and smoothing we got them to work, but this will depend on brand. Ideal are the flat UTC threads. Also top tip, keep the point straight up and thread tight when using the Stonfo Thread Splitter for quicker and easier results. Overall a great product which will save you hours of frustration from using pins, needles etc.
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Makes up for deminiscing eyesight.
Ian A.
Shopping Satisfaction
With my old eyes this stonfo thread splitter certainly makes things a lot easier.
Rob L.