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Synthetic Winging Materials

Fly Tying Synthetic Winging Materials from troutcatchers, choose from our comprehensive catalogue below along with over 4,000 Premium Fly Tying Materials, sourced from Worldwide leading brands including VeniardTurrall & many others.

Uv Enhancer
UV Enhancer is designed to 'bling up' dull tails or wings and add a new dimension to your flies. The UV fibres come in a range of 10 different subtle tones and just a few fibres will transform a wing and give that UV translucent effect, try incorporating it in to a marabou tail!
The material comes in a Hanked form about 12 - 13 inches long, cable tied in the middle.
£ 5.67
(-10.00%) £ 5.10
Mobile - Fine monofilament strands intertwined with a 'flash' metallic strand make this a very strong and supple fly tying material.
Mobile available in a choice of 14 popular colours / unusual combinations.
£ 2.47
(-10.00%) £ 2.22
Streamer Wing
Streamer Wing - Micro strands of lite-brite are intermingled with fine synthetic fibres to offer the predator and saltwater fly-tyer a superbly mobile wing material with added flash.
Streamer Wing available in a choice of 12 colours.
£ 2.47
(-10.00%) £ 2.22
Mirror Flash Standard
Mirror Flash - a finer and thinner material than that used in in other 'flash' material reflectors. Mirror Flash is as a result a good deal more flexible giving a truly vibrant additive for tails and wings. The diminutive cross-section also means that Mirror Flash is suitable for smaller trout and salmon flies which would not be possible with heavier 'flash' materials.
Mirror Flash, one of Troutcatchers Best Sellers and available 6 colours.
£ 5.17
(-10.00%) £ 4.65
Rippleflash has an inbuilt hologram effect which results in a constant light movement along its entire length. Rippleflash single strands can also be used to provide exciting tinsel bodies rippling with integral light. If that's not all, use the flash to make ribbing material for all types of flies.
£ 4.57
(-10.00%) £ 4.11
Micro Flash
Micro Flash - A new finer version of Krystal flash. Micro Flash is perfect for wings and tails on small nymphs and dry flies, in fact plenty of smaller flies.
Micro Flash available in over 12 colours.
£ 5.17
(-10.00%) £ 4.65
Krystal Flash
Krystal Flash - The original and best synthetic winging material. The Krystal Flash corrugated fibres reflect light like no other fly tying material. Use just a few Krystal Flash strands to a wing or tail to give an irresistible effect.
Krystal Flash packed in a resealed sleeve; the strands are approx. 25cm (10 inch) long and available in a huge range of colours including UV and Pearlescent.
£ 4.37
(-10.00%) £ 3.93
Krinkle Mirror Flash
Krinkle Mirror Flash - Mirror flash that's been creased along its length to give its a segmented effect. This Krinkle Mirror Flash is another great addition to the mirror flash range.
£ 5.37
(-10.00%) £ 4.83
Hanked Lite Brite - Angel Hair
Hanked Lite Brite - Angel Hair - Strands of Lite Brite. These highly reflective strands make a superb addition to any wing or make an excellent wing on their own. The Hanked Lite Brite is also known as Angel Hair.
Hanked Lite Brite, available in 11 colours and imported in to UK from Spirit River Inc. Rosburg USA.
£ 4.27
(-10.00%) £ 3.84
Crystal Mirror Flash
Crystal Mirror Flash - Troutcatchers most popular Mirror Flash winging and tailing material. Crystal Mirror Flash is twisted to give light reflecting qualities which need to be seen to be believed.
Crystal Mirror Flash available in 6 popular colours.
£ 5.37
(-10.00%) £ 4.83