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Turrall Hare's Ear Slim-Line Nymph - Sl05

Turrall Hare's Ear Slim-Line Nymph - Sl05

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Turrall Hare's Ear Slim-Line Nymph Trout Flies

- From the Award Winning Turralls Slim-Line Nymph Flies collection.

Hare's Ear Slim-Line Nymph Fly Fishing Flies

- Tactics include fishing your nymph along the bottom, move them slowly, occasionally give it a sharp pull as if the fly is trying to escape from a hungry fish, these movements sometimes induce a following trout to attack. Other tactics for your Hare's Ear Slim-Line Nymph include suspending the fly under the water or, on the bottom using a strike indicator to see the bite, especially effective on large still waters.

Turrall Hare's Ear Slim-Line Nymph - Award Winning - Turrall has established an international market and has won The Sunday Times special award for its unique contribution to employment in rural Britain. It followed this with the Country Living Magazine First Prize for Businesses in Rural areas. Turrall packaging and designs have won many an award from EFTTEX – the trade show of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association.
The quality of Turrall flies are made to the finest standards through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Tying is with feathers and furs procured from the four corners of the world - carefully selected, processed and blended, the vast majority can be purchased on our Fly Tying Material pages, and where appropriate World Class Metz Hackles are used to produce the finest quality fishing flies.

Turrall Hare's Ear Slim-Line Nymph, just one of thousands of Turrall Flies available from troutcatchers. More information on Fly Fishing Flies can be found on our Fishing Flies - The Basics webpage.
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