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UV Reflective Coating

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UV Reflective Coating - Brilliant Fly Tying Item from Veniard,  you have had 'Glo' materials, but now you can have 'UV' to light up your flies under UV Day Light!

UV Reflective Coating from Veniard, it seems anything UV in the fly tying world is highly fashionable with sales of all UV products increasing year on year, and it really does seem fish are highly attracted! Veniard UV Reflective Coating is a new product of which is highly versatile, its brilliant for adding UV to your flies, just add a small dab to your fly and it will light up under UV light.

UV Reflective Coating - 15ml Bottle with dabbing brush attached to lid for easy application.

UV Reflective Coating, just one of over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials in stock.
Customer reviews
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Sounds like a fine idea. as yet, untried.
John s.
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It will be some time before I know for sure it has an effect but all the evidence shows that it has great potential beyond just a bottle of clear nail varnish.
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Looks interesting, can't wait to try a few flies when fishing starts again.
Nick M.
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Very good.
William g.
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Not very convincing when illuminated by UV torch.
David M.
Please try a range of different ,materials as absorbency levels are different, also quality of your UV light.
This is an outstanding new product which has proven to be really effective.
Please contact us for any further advice.