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Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners
Fly Fishing

Troutcatchers 'Fly Fishing for Beginners' web page is designed to help beginners (or even experienced fly fishers who need to be refreshed) choose their fly fishing equipment, plus give plenty of fly fishing tips.

We know that it is more difficult to purchase online than face to face, this is where this guide from our Specialists, Suppliers and Advisors hopefully will help cut through all the jargon that you may come across and get you on the bank enjoying your fishing. You’ll find all of our +10,000 products have been carefully chosen and it does not matter if you are confused about a £1 fly or a £1,000 top of the range fly fishing outfit – we can help - And if we cant we'll find out for you!!

Fly Fishing Rods for Beginners

Fly Fishing Rods....

Trout! Salmon! Pike! Carp! (eh! - sounds fishy!) - Streams, Lakes, Lochs, Reservoirs, even the Ocean! - Where do I start?

Fly fishing rods, how, where, and what they do? - Great advice to help before purchasing your fly rod - plus advice for the fly fishing beginner to purchase a fly rod that will cover as many different species & locations as possible.

More information here and find out here why Your Fly Rod has Four Purposes!

Fly line

Fly Line....

So you'll now what your rod is capable off? So you are thinking about matching your fly line to your fly rod to get the best from it - This Troutcatcher link will help the fly fishing beginner choose the right line for the right fish for the right location. It will also make you an expert on AFTMA - Crikey... Hope there's not a quiz at the end!

Learn how to choose your fly line and look after it here.....

Fly Fishing Leaders & Tippets

Leaders & Tippets, along with the fly, are the business end of all your equipment, whilst this equipment is very cheap, its very important you get it right to catch fish - you need to think about the length, the breaking strain, plus decide if you want the leader to float or sink.

First of all the length, this depends on the weather, type of water, and your target fish. When fly fishing in clear or / and shallow water, work with a leader that is as long as you can comfortably cast. If the conditions are windy or you are fishing in very small streams or brooks, you will be casting short, so go with a short leader for better turnover 9 - 12ft. In large Stillwater's, this normally requires longer leaders of 9 - 24 ft.

The best types of leader are tapered to a fine point, helping to cast better. If you make your own leader, or purchase ready made ones, the strength is important. Nylon is rated by its breaking strain (b.s.) in kilograms or pounds, sometimes also in diameter millimetres / inches. The bigger breaking strains are for targeting the larger fish, whilst the smaller breaking strains are better where stealth is required when targeting smaller species.

Leaders are here......

Fly Fishing Reels Guide

Ok - Now to choose a Fly Reel.....

I have now chosen my fly rod, matched my fly line and my leader, know everything about AFTMA (yea!). Now I need to know which fly reel to use to balance my set up! Arbor or Cassett (really!!) 

Is a fly reel that important? Find out here!

Choosing and using Fishing Flies

Fishing Flies - The Buisness End!!

Now you'll be at the stage where you'll need basic help choosing & using fishing flies. But don't worry, we have advice here and a few tips to start your fishing fly collection. There's also the opportunity to grab hold of some flies for your holiday!! Fancy a Sea Bass?

Learn the basics about the hundreds of different artificial Trout Fly patterns in 5 mins!

Set up your Fly Rod

OK - Got everything !! How do I set it all up???

Now you've made this huge investment, what do you do with it all? Please Help!!

We've a great video from Snowbee that'll help set up your Fly Rod along with some great pics linking your Reel to your Backing, to your Fly Line, to your Leader, and then to your Fly -IT?

Learn to Set up your Fly Rod - Line, Backing & Leader ready for the water here

Discount Fly Fishing Equipment

Troutcatchers realise that starting this hobby can be a huge investment, therefore we have teamed up with our suppliers to design the best value for money Fly Fishing Outfits we can find. Starting at less than £60.00 we are able to suit every budget and ability level. Choose from a variety of complete outfits, or mix and match a custom balenced outfit of your own to perfectly suit your style, budget, and target species.

If you need us to take all the guesswork out of buying the best fly-fishing equipment & accessories, just contact us stating your budget, your target fish, trout, salmon, bass, tarpon etc. and experience level. The more information you can provide us, the better we can build your bespoke fly fishing outfit.

Airflo & Snowbee ready made kits here.....

Snowbee 20% Discount Combination kits here......