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Fishing Gifts under a Tenner!

Fly Fishing Gifts under £10

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Snowbee Knife Sharpener
Snowbee double action Knife Sharpener, with hardened alloy sharpening plates one end, and ceramic the other. Rugged moulded construction, with finger 'grips'. The hardened alloy can reclaim a badly blunted knife and put a starting edge on it, while the ceramic plates can be used for fine honing. Snowbee have even thought to give the Knife Sharpener pre-drilled holes so it can be screwed to a bench.
£ 4.29
(-7.46%) £ 3.97
Snowbee 6" Gutting / Bait Knife - 19314
Snowbee 6" Gutting / Bait Knife features a 6" one piece 420 grade forged stainless steel blade and blue rubber handle which has a slight curve, finger depressions and non-slip grip. The knife comes with a black cordura nylon sheath with webbing belt loop. The gutting / bait knife has been designed by Snowbee for one job, gutting & slicing fish and it is excellent doing the job!
£ 7.97
Knot Tightener STF548
Stonfo Knot Tightener, a simple but ingenious gadget that makes pulling a knot tight so simple. Just insert the bend of the hook into the hook of the knot tightener and pull. No more hooks in finger!
£ 3.47
Veniard De-Luxe Zinger
Veniard De-Luxe Zinger - A top quality zinger finished in smart black nickel with 20 inch coated stainless wire and locking pin. The face of this zinger from Veniard is magnetised allowing a fly or two to be temporarily held while tying a cast or changing flies.
£ 8.27
Gehrke's Gink & Xink Double Deal
Gehrke's Gink & Xink Double Deal buy both and save.
£ 12.50
(-24.24%) £ 9.47
Snowbee Fleece Head-Over - 19412
Snowbee Fleece Head-Over has been one of Snowbee & Troutcatchers Top Selling Items over the last 10 years as it is such a versatile item and hugely popular not only with Fishermen, but all cold weather outdoor pursuits including shooting and walking.
The Fleece Head-Over has been upgraded from the previous design, it now uses soft hi stretch 360g anti pill fleece rather than the 300g. With an elasticated draw cord and toggle lock it can be drawn in as required to keep out the wind & cold. Far more practical than a scarf, the Head-Over can be worn around the neck, as a muffler, pulled up over the mouth, ears & nose, or doubled over and worn as a head/ear muff, an awesome practical product with an amazing price - 1000's Sold! A Cold Day Essential....
The Snowbee Fleece Head-Over is sage green in colour. One size fits all - But you may want 2 or 3 !!! - We love them!!
£ 9.99
(-10.21%) £ 8.97
Snowbee Spring Hinged Fly Box - Slimline - 14693
Snowbee Hinged Fly Box, Slimline, has the same features as the Snowbee medium spring hinged fly box, but in a slimline profile; ideal for a shirt pocket when travelling light.
The Hinged Fly Box Slimline from Snowbee will hold up to 150 flies. Size: 4 ½" x 3 ½" x 1"
Picture shows flies which are not included.
£ 8.97
Snowbee Spring Hinged Fly Box - Medium - 14692
Snowbee Hinged Fly Box, Medium, is the deeper of the two new fly box models, ideal for travelling light.The Hinged Fly Box Medium will hold 150 flies.
Snowbee Spring Hinged Fly Box - Medium Size: 4 ½" x 3 ½" x 1 ¼"
£ 9.97
Snowbee Buzzer Fly Selection - SF100
Snowbee Buzzer Fly Selection, 7 Flies.
£ 7.97
Snowbee Slimline Fly Box - 14750
Snowbee Slimline Fly Box, Snowbee's new ultra-slim profile fly boxes take up the minimum of space and slip easily into any shirt or vest pocket, making them ideal for the roving bank or river angler. Manufactured from a tough, flexible, crack-proof ABS for durability, which is also 'see-through' on the lids for quick, easy fly selection. The high density, pre-slit ethafoam liners, hold flies firmly and neatly in position and although these are not a new idea, what makes Snowbee's boxes different, is the 'cut-outs' between the rows, which allow even large, hackled dry flies to be stored, without crushing the hackles. The ethafoam liners are mounted on white coloured back-cards, so flies show up more clearly, for easier fly selection. Each box has 9 rows of hookslots, holding up to an impressive 234 flies securely.
Snowbee Slimline Fly Box Size: 184mm x 98mm x 13mm - Weight: Just 80g/2.9oz
£ 6.97
Snowbee Neoprene Rod Straps - Small - 19002
Snowbee Neoprene Rod Straps - Small, these ingenious Neoprene Straps have numerous uses; strapping Rods or Rod Tubes together or to a roof-rack during transit, as cuff straps to keep the rain out, or as wrist straps to hold the butt of the fly rod, to assist casting. The looped Nylon backing allows Velcro fastening at any point along the rod straps length.

Snowbee Neoprene Rod Straps, two sizes available in packs of 2 - Small: 12 1/2" x 1 3/8" or Large: 19 1/2" x 1 3/4" This listing is for Small.
£ 6.97
Fishing £10 Gift Voucher - Troutcatchers
Fishing £10 Gift Voucher - Troutcatchers
£ 10.00
Snowbee Filleting Glove - 13241
Snowbee Filleting Glove resolves the situation we have all been in, trying to deal with a slippery fish with a sharp filleting knife - a recipe for disaster! Snowbee's new filleting glove solves the problem!
A quality filleting glove made from a cut-resistant stainless steel core, wrapped with an interwoven polyester and vinyl material, provides a firm grip on any slippery fish or meat to reduce accidental cut damage. Stain and moisture resistant, these gloves are dishwasher and washing machine safe. Can be worn on left or right hand.
Snowbee Filleting Glove available in two sizes: S/M; L/XL
£ 8.97
How to Flyfish by John Symonds
How to Flyfish book, from newcomer to improver, reviewed in 'Trout Fisherman'
How to Fly Fish by John Symonds, you will learn how to fish for trout and salmon in Stillwater's from both bank and boat
£ 9.97
Flycasting Skills by John Symonds & Philip Maher
Flycasting Skills Book, for beginner and expert. Flycasting, that key pre-requisite to all successful trout and salmon fishing, can be a stumbling block for many anglers. The "Flycasting Skills Book" With casting instructors Symonds and Maher, help you become a master of the fly rod. Whatever your present abilities, this book will leave you with the perfect casting skills for all situations. Clear and well-illustrated, this guidebook will show you, step-by-step, how to execute all the casts you will ever need: from basic Overhead cast to Double-handed Spey cast, and from the simple Roll cast to the flamboyant Snake cast, and many more.
Packed with useful tips on:
-which cast to use and when
-how to improve your casting techniques
-how to correct bad habits
-latest casts from around the world
-advice on best casting rods, reels and fly lines

"Flycasting Skills Book" will transform your casting skills whether you are a complete beginner or an already experienced flyfisher.
Flycasting Skills Book : Author John Symonds & Philip Maher : Illustrator John Symonds : Published March 2013 : Format 246 x 189mm : Hardback : pages 96 : 91 colour illustrations.
£ 9.97
Beginners Guide To Fly Tying By Chris Mann & Terry Griffiths
Beginners Guide to Fly tying by Chris Mann & Terry Griffiths. Regarded by many as one of the best and simplest instruction books currently available. Well Illustrated with excellent artwork, for easy-to-follow instructions. Hard cover. Troutcatchers Recommended!
£ 9.97
The Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch
The Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch, a compact, little pocket book - the first ever to feature the natural insect next to its matching artificial fly - arms the angler with all the information he needs to select the right fly from his flybox.- Superb photographs of aquatic insects (larvae, pupae, adults) with the artificial flies positioned alongside them- Times of hatching- The geographical distribution - Whether it is a river fly or a lake fly, or both - Life cycles of the insects - Clues from the river and from the trout's behaviourPeter Lapsley contributes regularly to Flyfishing & Flytying and is author of several fishing books. He is a qualified national game angling instructor.Dr Cyril Bennett is one of the UK's leading entomologists, specialising in river insects. His photographs of insects - some never before captured on camera - add a unique element to this book. The Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch : 115 x 150 : Paperback : pages 96 : 178 colour photographs & 40 black & white illustrations.
£ 7.97
The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots
The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots, "whether you are tangling with a ton-up tarpon or tricking a little brown trout, the knot matters. That's why anyone interested in catching (rather than losing!) fish, should read this book." Charles Jardine, from his ForewordThe Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots, 24 essential knots that every fisherman - game, coarse and sea - needs to know. This compact little reference book (ideal for slipping in the fishing bag) shows you in clear, step-by-step drawings exactly how to tie the knots and when to use them. Also included is expert advice on the latest in knot-tying tools and line connectors. This is the clearest, best-value knot book available. No angler should be without it.The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots by Peter Owen: 152 x 102 mm : Paperback : pages 80 : 73 black & white illustrations
£ 5.97
Richard Wheatley Bottle Holder
Richard Wheatley Bottle Holder, available with a simple adjustable loop that is placed around the neck of the bottle and adjusted. The bottle holder comes complete with a spring loaded aluminium fish shape attachment.
£ 6.97
Snowbee Aluminium Water Bottle - 1000ml - 19409
Snowbee Aluminium Water Bottle is ultra-lightweight and unbreakable. The water bottle has a leak proof screw in plug with a split ring and aluminium  karabiner to clip to a D-ring.
Snowbee Aluminium Water Bottle available in 1000 ml size in a distinct Matt Olive Green with the famous Snowbee logo.
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£ 15.97
(-50.09%) £ 7.97
Wychwood Hand Towel
Wychwood Hand Towel, a soft, washable hand towel for use on the bank, small enough to roll up and not take up too much tackle bag space, but big enough for cleaning hands from dirt and grime or difficult to remove fish slime.
Wychwood have constructed this towel from high quality cotton and the towel is a must have for any angler.
Wychwood Hand Towel Features:
- Soft, washable, cotton for use on the bank
- Dual colour to mask dirt
- Reusable and washable
- Non-fade
- 450mm x 250mm
£ 4.97
(-10.06%) £ 4.47
Richard Wheatley Floatant / Sinkant Holder - Double - 37008
Richard Wheatley Double Holder for Floatant's or Sinkant's Perfect for all standard sized bottles, the holder has neck down configuration for ease of use. The Holder also comes with a clip to attach to your zinger, fly vest or lanyard.Note: Picture shows holder and floatant / sinkant to demonstrate, you are purchasing just the Richard Wheatley Double Holder.
£ 7.97
Snowbee Stainless Line Snips - 19436
Snowbee Stainless Line Snips, a quality pair of Stainless Steel Snips, equipped with an eye needle and a knot-tying tool, which will double as a simple disgorger. The Line Snips with its Ultra Sharp blades will cut cleanly through any size leader material. The flat-ground cutting edge means these Snips can be re-sharpened on a stone, when required.
£ 6.97
Veniard Gold Snips
Veniard Gold Line Snips - Top quality snips. Great for cutting leaders. These Snips come with a needle for clearing hook eyes or picking knots.
£ 3.97
Wychwood Line Tray
Wychwood Line Tray helps protect your fly line from grit and dirt being trodden into the coating of the line as well as significantly helping your casting.

Wychwood Line Tray Features:
- Lightweight, pre-formed fly line tray to prevent your running line from snagging
- Manufactured from PVC mesh with stiffened frame
- Excellent drainage and extremely comfortable to use throughout the day
- Essential for fishing sinking lines when wading
- Adjustable waist belt
- 2 elasticated pouch pockets
£ 13.99
(-5.15%) £ 13.27