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Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit

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Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit a comprehensive package designed for fly tying beginners

. This all-in-one kit includes essential tools, high-quality materials, and basic book of instructions, presented in a convenient smart plastic box. With this fly tying kit, you'll have everything at your fingertips to embark on your fly tying journey.

Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit Key Features
  • Lever Fly Tying Vice: This sturdy vice ensures your flies are tied securely and precisely, making the process smooth and enjoyable.
  • Complete Set of Tools: The kit includes a Bullet Bobbin Holder, Dubbing Needle, Hackle Pliers, and Scissors, all of which are essential for fly tying.
  • Variety of Materials: From Black Tying Thread to Olive Rayon Floss, Glo Brite Floss to Coloured Gold Wire, you have a wide selection of materials to get creative with.
  • Sparkling Elements: With Silver Mylar Tinsel, Pearl Cactus Chenille, and Pearl Crystal Flash, your flies will catch the light and fish's attention.
  • Feather and Fur: The kit contains assorted brass beads, Red Game Cock Hackle, Black Cock Hackles, Turkey Marabou in three colors, and more, allowing you to experiment with different textures and colors.
  • Instruction Booklet: The included Fly Tying For the Beginner booklet is your guide to mastering the art of fly tying. Note this is a basic book, more comprehensive fly tying books available here, please contact us for any advice.
Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit Benefits
  • Save Time and Money: This fly tying starter kit provides all the essential tools and materials in one place, eliminating the need for separate purchases.
  • Ideal for Beginners: The instruction booklet ensures that even those new to fly tying can get started with ease.
  • High-Quality Materials: The kit includes premium Veniard fly tying materials to create flies that are both durable and effective.
  • Convenient Storage: The smart plastic box keeps your tools and materials organised and easy to access.
  • Fantastic Gift / Present to your loved one!
Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit List of Contents
 Lever Fly Tying Vice  Bullet Bobbin Holder Dubbing Needle
 Hackle pliers
 Scissors Black Tying thread
 Black and Olive Rayon floss  Glo Brite Floss Coloured Gold wire
 Silver mylar tinsel  Pearl Cactus Chenille Assorted Brass beads
 Red Game Cock hackle  Black Cock hackles Turkey marabou 3 colours
 Cock Pheasant tail piece  Peacock Eye top with herl Mallard Grey Wing quills pair
 Pearl Crystal flash  Stretch Floss 2 colours Antron Dubbing 2 colours
 Magic Glass nymph body 2 colours  Suede chenille 2 colours Cellire No1 varnish clear
 50 pack assorted Hooks  Instruction Booklet Fly Tying For the Beginner Plastic box 26x17x8cm 1x internal tray + Lg base (2 tiers)

Note : The 'Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit' has been updated (November 2023) from the 'Beginners Kit Of Materials' with new fly tying materials and the addition of fly tying tools.

The Beginners Guide Kit Of Materials

was a Top 5 Star Seller for over two decades with troutcatchers, all product reviews on this page before 2023 relates to the previous kit.

Veniard Starter Fly Tying Kit is a basic kit and ideal for starters and beginners, if you are looking for a more comprehensive kit choose the top selling Veniard Premium fly tying kit, or checkout these other Fly Tying Kits all the materials can be topped up individually.

Customer reviews
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It all looks great good selection.
Ann P.
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Lovely little set
Much appreciated gift.
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Very good selection of different materials.
Tom C.
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Extremely happy , delivery exceptional.
Roger N.
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Great starter kit.
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Very good lots of materials.
William Y.
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Labelling of contents would be useful.
Michael T.
Shopping Satisfaction
A lot of materials to choose from plenty for tying 50 flys which catch fish.
William Y.
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This kit is just what was needed to start me off with enough gear to get the idea of how to tie theses beginers fly ,together with the recommended book great stuff.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great value kit for learners.
Alan H.