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Filleting Knives & Boards

Filleting Knives & BoardsFilleting Knives & Boards - Kitchenalia for Trout Cooking and preparation, choose your Filleting Knives, Filleting Boards etc from the Snowbee range of Trout Cooking Equipment & Hot Smokers.

Filleting a Fish the Troutcatcher Way

- Place your freshly caught trout on a clean Filleting board. From the bottom hole on the stomach, cut through the belly skin towards the fishes throat / gills. 
- When the stomach is open, remove the contents. It's a good idea to wash in and out at this point under a cold running tap.
- Remove the head, locate the gills and the collarbone and insert your knife there, cut towards the head until it is removed.
- Remove the tail, approximately a cm or two above the tail, just slice through.
- Lay the gutted trout on its back on the filleting board. Insert the sharp knife behind the ribs (along the base of the backbone). Cut as close to the ribs as possible, carefully work the knife toward the other end of the ribs. Repeat on the other side of the fish.
- Next, cut down and in toward the backbone for the entire length of the fish on both sides, you will feel the small pin bones being cut. Remove that whole centre bone structure -  Way Hay, you'll have two fillets. 
- Top tip, if you want to remove any further pin bones from the fillet, go and get your forceps out of your tackle bag, they make a great tool. And another top tip, fancy making some fish stock, use the bones and head to boil up and sieve…. Nothing to waste  (well almost! - I would do the stomach contents in your stock!)
- Lastly, fire up the Smoker or Bar BQ and enjoy!
Snowbee Knife Sharpener
Snowbee Hook & Knife Sharpener, with twin Tungsten Carbide sharpening blades, for all knives, plus a grooved, stainless carbide hook sharpener on the end. Rugged moulded construction, with finger ‘grips’ on handle and a rubber base pad, to hold sharpener in place, during use.
£ 5.97
Snowbee 7" Filleting Knife - 19310
Snowbee 7" Filleting Knife, a quality 4116 grade German stainless steel blade, treated with hard, Chartreuse surface coating.
£ 16.97
Snowbee 7" Prestige Filleting Knife - 19317
Snowbee 7" Prestige Filleting Knife has a fine flexible blade of which is 420 grade forged stainless steel. The Prestige Filleting Knife comes with genuine, and stylish Pakka wood handle, plus a leather sheath with belt loop. This is a 'trout fisherman tackle tester choice' & a Troutcatcher TOP SELLER.
£ 25.97
Snowbee Filleting Glove - 13241
Snowbee Filleting Glove resolves the situation we have all been in, trying to deal with a slippery fish with a sharp filleting knife - a recipe for disaster! Snowbee's new filleting glove solves the problem!
£ 10.97
Fish Freezer Bags - Trout
Trout Tubing, ideal for Trout, Sea-Trout, and smaller Saltwater species, accommodates approximately 50 trout. The Polythene Tubing boasts a 120 Gauge and a 6.5" width, ensuring a snug fit for your catch.
£ 7.17
Fish Freezer Bags - Salmon

Salmon Tubing

, for larger specimens, with a Polythene Tubing 200 Gauge and a 10" width, is perfect for around 30 salmon
£ 8.17