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Fly Fishing Zingers

Richard Wheatley Pin-On Retractor - 37009
Richard Wheatley pin on retractor, a fabulous quality 'zinger' that has a smooth and powerful retraction system. 3 cm diameter. Durable zinc alloy, fitted with a nylon coated wire line and snap that is long enough to ensure grabbing the right tool isn't a trial. The pin on retractor is finished in an attractive 'gun smoke' colour.
£ 7.57
Snowbee Prestige Pin On Zinger - 19091
Snowbee Prestige Pin On Zinger, a top quality Zinger with a satin finish alloy case. The Prestige Pin On Zinger is fitted with an 18” plastic covered wire cord and a Stainless Steel accessory clip. Attached with a sturdy safety pin.
£ 10.37
Veniard De-Luxe Zinger
Veniard De-Luxe Zinger - A top quality zinger finished in smart black nickel with 20 inch coated stainless wire and locking pin. The face of this zinger from Veniard is magnetised allowing a fly or two to be temporarily held while tying a cast or changing flies.
£ 7.87
Veniard Pin On Reel Zinger
Veniard Pin on Reel Zinger is an excellent Japanese manufactured Zinger with a 18" retractable cord. Great for holding Scissors, snips, de-barb pliers etc.
£ 4.67
Snowbee Prestige Double Zinger - 19094
Snowbee Prestige Double Zinger is a double Zinger fitted with two 18" strong braided cords, with swivel ends and stainless steel accessory clips. The Prestige Double Zinger has attached a sturdy safety pin.
£ 8.47
Snowbee Heavy-Duty Wading Staff Zinger -19093
Snowbee Heavy duty Wading Staff Zinger can be used with large landing nets, such as Salmon Gye nets, as well as wading staffs. The 53" (135cm) Spectra Fibre retractor cord can be locked at any position with a karabiner clip for easy attachment, so your net / staff are always at a safe convenient distance. Built with heavy duty impact resistant ABS case and stainless steel & aluminium components.
£ 17.07
Snowbee S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip
Snowbee S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip, the double carabiner principle, allows just about anything to be attached to anything!
Use the S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip as the ultimate wader gravel guard clip – far better than a lacing hook and guaranteed never to come undone. Use the Carabiner Clips to attach all manor of accessories to fly vest or wading jacket D-rings. Made from high strength spring alloy steel, with a hard, black outer finish electrically applied to ensure corrosion resistance.
Snowbee S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip - Pack of 2. Size: 1½” x 5/8”
£ 4.67