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Wader Repair Products

Neoprene Queen Wader Repair Kit
Neoprene Queen is the Best 1st Aid for Waterproof Neoprene Items. With this Neoprene glue, any rips in your neoprene waders, wetsuit or wellies can be quickly repaired on the bank, with or without a patch, allowing you back in the water in under 10 minutes.
Neoprene Queen can be used in conjunction with Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive, which is applied over the damaged area to increase strength and durability. Perfect for rips, holes, splits, open or un-stitched seams.A quick drying black neoprene based contact adhesive which is better value than Black Witch.

Neoprene Queen Wader Repair Kit Contains- 30g tube of quick drying contact adhesive
- 5 circular neoprene patches.
- Easy to follow instructions.

Keep it in your kit bag if you are a diver, angler, surfer, body boarder, kite surfer, or sailor. This product works on any item made from neoprene, but works on many other fabrics and materials too.
£ 8.99
(-40.27%) £ 5.37
Loon UV Wader Repair
Loon UV Wader Repair will not let a wader leak ruin your day! You can be back in the water in seconds with a quick application of Loon UV Wader Repair. You can use it on wet suits, Gortex, spray skirts and similar items. Apply UV Wader Repair directly to your leak or tear, cure with Loon's UV Mini Lamp, UV Power Light, or expose to direct sunlight and you are back in business.
Loon Outdoors is a USA company who create environmentally friendly fly fishing products that perform at an exceptional level.
£ 8.27
Snowbee Suncure Wader Repair - Ssc
Snowbee Suncure Wader Repair - SSC - This revolutionary material is EXCLUSIVE to Snowbee and transforms Wader Repair! A totally flexible, clear Wader repair material, with similar properties to other products on the market….The difference is that Suncure is cured by UV LIGHT! Suncure is totally cured in anything from 15 seconds in high UV conditions to 5 minutes in low UV conditions.
With Snowbee Suncure a lost day’s fishing due to damaged or leaking waders is a thing of the past! - Keep a tube in your tackle bag!
£ 8.97
Snowbee Stormsure Wader Repair Glue
Snowbee Wader Repair Glue - Made and packaged for us by Stormsure, the renowned glue specialists, leaks and tears in all types of waders can be easily and permanently repaired. Available in 15g tube.
£ 8.29
(-40.05%) £ 4.97
Snowbee Leak Doctor - Sld
Leak Doctor - SLD - We’ve all had them, annoying little pin prick hole leaks in our delicate breathable waders, caused by thistles, brambles and gorse along the bank. Well ‘Leak Doctor’ will help find them.
Simply pump spray the ‘Leak Doctor’ over the suspected area and any leaks will appear as small dark patches in no time, quickly repaired with Suncure or Wader Repair Glue.
£ 6.97