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Fly Fishing Lanyards - Secure Your Tools and Accessories with Our Durable and Convenient Angler's Lanyards, Essential for Every Fishing Adventure.
Snowbee Sunglass Lanyard - 19434
Snowbee Sunglass Lanyard - A simple sunglass lanyard design consisting of a braided cord, with 2 silicone rubber tubes on the end, which push easily onto your Fishing Sunglasses with a firm grip! On the Sunglasses Lanyard you'll find a rubber adjuster block of which can be slid up or down the lanyard to lock it in position. Never lose a pair of fishing sunglasses again!
£ 4.97
Snowbee Landing Net Lanyard - 19089
Snowbee Landing Net Lanyard, a simple lanyard and split ring, that allows you to attach your hand landing net to a magnetic net release, by the frame, rather than the handle, so the net handle points down to the side, exactly where you need it.
£ 3.47
Snowbee Silicone Eyewear Retainer 19432
Snowbee Silicone Eyewear Retainer - Two silicone rubber end tubes push onto almost any style of sunglasses and grip firmly. Attached to these are twin stainless wires coated with silicone, and joined by two rubberised sliders, so the Retainer can be adjusted to fit any head size. Providing a firm fit behind the head, this ingenious accessory is suitable for any active sport where you need Never lose a pair of fishing sunglasses again!
£ 4.97