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Marc Petitjean Vices and Accessories

Marc Petitjean Vices and Accessories at Troutcatchers

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Marc Petitjean Day Light With Tool Rack
Marc Petitjean Day Light With Tool Rack, this light is extremely versatile, having a long flexible neck giving you maximum freedom around the vice head. The tool rack has several diameters for all the tools needed for Fly assembly. It also comes with dual voltage for worldwide use.Marc Petitjean Day Light With Tool Rack.
£ 275.67
Marc Petitjean Tool Rack
Marc Petitjean Tool Rack, perfect to store all your fly tying tools, always visible and accessible. Marc Petitjean Tool Rack is perfect for most fly tying vises, not just the Petitjean series, fits on Vice stems diameters; 8 mm to 10 mm (3/8 inch diameter).
The Marc Petitjean Tool Rack has 3 different sized grillings allowing for various tying tools (5 x 9 mm, 4 x 4.5 mm and 4 x 2.5 mm)

(Note the Marc Petitjean Tool Rack illustration shows example of the set up on the vice, you are ordering the rack only - no tools or vice)
£ 40.17
(-10.00%) £ 36.15
Petitjean Swiss Vice Master Version
Marc Petitjean Swiss Vice Master Version, a beautifully engineered rotary vice. The Swiss Vice is machined from bar stock stainless and alloy metals and offers you the fly tier some exciting new features not found on other tools. Manufactured to fine tolerances, all that you might expect from this master fly designer.
Best New Accessory 2nd 2007, Efftex - EU
Moulinet d'Or 2007, Pêche Mouche - FR

Swiss Vice Features :
- A high capacity 'C' clamp (100mm table top)
- Hook range from #32 - 9/0
- True rotary feature
- Double material clips
- Variable extension arm positions
- Different positions for accessories support, allows you to customize your tying surroundings.
- Tube fly attachment included
- Weight only 635 gr.
£ 779.97
(-10.00%) £ 701.97