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Fly Fishing Tools & Gadgets

Fly Fishing Tools & Gadgets - Enhance Your Angling Experience with Premium Accessories and Innovative Fishing Gear from Snowbee, Stonfo, Loon, Monomaster....
Stonfo Hook Eye Cleaning Tool 502
Stonfo Hook Eye Cleaning Tool a useful tool for cleaning the eye of a hook or picking out knots from nylon etc. The Stonfo hook eye cleaning tool has a retractable stainless steel needle with double conicity and soft touch handle.
£ 11.27
Loon UV Mini Light
Loon UV Mini Light is small and convenient. This ingenious mini light is perfect for most UV situations. You no longer need to be outdoors and depend on sunlight to allow your UV products to cure. Perfect for fly-tying, the UV Mini Lamps allows UV Knot Sense and UV Wader, along with other UV products to cure instantly. Batteries are included.Do not shine in eyes.
£ 20.17
Knot Tightener STF548
Stonfo Knot Tightener, a simple but ingenious gadget that makes pulling a knot tight so simple. Just insert the bend of the hook into the hook of the knot tightener and pull. No more hooks in finger!
£ 3.87
Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder
Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder, small soft rubber accessory with a magnet inside. The rod holder holds your fishing rod safe against the car and secure (or against any metallic surface) whilst setting up.Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder : 2 clips per pack.
£ 15.77
Lucky Laker Wi-Fi Fish Finder
Lucky Laker Wi-Fi Fish Finder - Experience the ultimate convenience in angling with the Lucky Laker Wi-Fi Fish Finder. Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets (not apple), this innovative device ensures you never miss a catch. Say goodbye to poor signals - the Lucky Laker creates its own Wi-Fi network, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity.
£ 128.00
(-35.34%) £ 82.77
Fly Line Winder
Fly Line Winder, a simple aluminium line winder, invaluable to setting up your fly fishing set up. The Fly Line Winder comes with a suction cup base, which attaches firmly to any smooth, flat surface, either vertical or horizontal! The long main shaft allows even bulk spools of monofilament to be spooled (ideal for coarse / sea fishing) and the spring loaded retainer allows for line tension adjustment. Simple, easy, single handed spooling of any type of line or backing, without the need for pencils, toes or door-handles!
Exclusive to troutcatchers.
£ 12.97
(-23.13%) £ 9.97
Snowbee Heavy Duty Magnetic Net Release - 4kg
Snowbee Heavy Duty Magnetic Net Release - 4kg - The magnetic strength is 4kg so ideal for larger sea-trout or even smaller Salmon nets worn on your back.
£ 19.97
Monomaster - Eco-Friendly Fishing Line Storage Solution
The Monomaster is a nifty eco-friendly gadget designed to store waste nylon monofilament and fishing line. Keep your environment clean and your fishing gear organised with this award-winning solution.
£ 17.97
Sportman Bumper
Sportman Bumper - Magnetic fishing rod and gun holder for the side of your vehicle.The Sportsman Bumper is a handy accessory for any hunting and/or fishing enthusiast. 

£ 14.97
Snowbee S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip
Snowbee S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip, the double carabiner principle, allows just about anything to be attached to anything!
Use the S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip as the ultimate wader gravel guard clip – far better than a lacing hook and guaranteed never to come undone. Use the Carabiner Clips to attach all manor of accessories to fly vest or wading jacket D-rings. Made from high strength spring alloy steel, with a hard, black outer finish electrically applied to ensure corrosion resistance.
Snowbee S-Hook Double Carabiner Clip - Pack of 2. Size: 1½” x 5/8”
£ 2.97