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Fly Tying Storage

Storage for Fly Tying Materials from troutcatchers, choose from our comprehensive catalogue below along with over 4,000 Premium Fly Tying Materials, sourced from Worldwide leading brands including VeniardTurrall & many others.

Uni Tray Spool Caddy
Uni Tray Spool Caddy benefiting the fly tyer by keeping your fly tying spools neat and organised!

Uni Tray Spool Caddy will keep 36 Uni spools of thread or tinsel neat and tidy and allow run off that you control preventing spools from unravelling. This spool Caddy is made from high quality, durable plastic and has a high quality foam insert.
Note: picture shows Uni Tray Spool Caddy with spools of fly tying material for illustration only - No spools supplied.
£ 36.17
Uni Spool Lock Pins
Uni Spool Lock Pins - A simple yet very effective pin that stops unravelling but allows controlled run off.

Uni Spool Lock Pins come in a small pack of 10. No spools of material supplied, picture for illustration only so you can see the benefits.
£ 6.57
Uni Box Storage System
Uni Box Storage system makes the art of fly-tying easier than ever, putting everything you need to get the job done at your fingertips.

Uni Box Storage system is a new storage tower that is delivered flat packed. Once built the fly tyer will benefit with 10 storage trays, 5 trays for your spools & 5 for miscellaneous fly tying materials & fly tying tools. The Uni Box Storage System is not just limited to this spec as it is designed to grow as your fly tying material collection grows, further units can easily be bolted on to create multiple storage systems.

Uni Box Storage system dimensions, 41cm high x 21cm deep x 14cm wide.
£ 97.77
The Zenith Fly Tying Box
The Zenith box has a large deep top storage section and 4 trays that slide out all with different sized sections. Designed to be strong enough to sit on, it has a convenient carry handle on top making it the perfect mobile fly tying case. This is the case that Veniard use for their Pinnacle' fly tying kit. Approx size: 42cm width x 30cm depth x 40cm height.
Picture for illustration, no materials are included with this Zenith box.
£ 99.77