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Fly Tying Hair Stackers

Fly Tying Hair Stackers at Troutcatchers

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Stonfo Hair Stacker 470
Stonfo Hair Stacker, a heavy hair stacker with rubber bottom. Aligns hair for tails and wings perfectly. Supplied with two different sized tubes.
Note supplier occasionally sends Silver rather than Brass colour stacker.
£ 11.87
Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Hair Stacker
Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Hair Stacker and folding groomer, a hair stacker that can be used with the magic tools to stack all kinds of hair, furs, fibres, hackles (including soft ones). The hair stacker will also stack more material than a conventional stacker. With a built in blade incorporating a pick and comb for teasing and untangling materials, specially shaped to groom CDC and other materials to achieve tangle free wings and hackles.
Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Hair Stacker comes complete with simple 6 step instructions, to have the full benefit of thie Magic Tool Hair Stacker you will need the Petitjean Magic Tool Set.
£ 28.07
Hair Stacker
Hair Stacker, two part hair stacker for stacking hair when tying hair wings and tails.
£ 3.77