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Fly Fishing Books including How to Fly Fish through to beginners to experts Fly Tying.
How to Flyfish by John Symonds
How to Flyfish book, from newcomer to improver, reviewed in 'Trout Fisherman'
How to Fly Fish by John Symonds, you will learn how to fish for trout and salmon in Stillwater's from both bank and boat
£ 9.97
Trout from a Boat by Dennis Moss
Trout from a Boat book, tips, techniques and experiences. The "Trout from a Boat" by Dennis Moss is for boat-fly fishers, those who spend time afloat in pursuit of trout, who know how difficult and frustrating the sport can be - but also how thrilling and rewarding.
Few trout anglers have fished as widely as Dennis, and fewer still have his ability to convey the skills of boat fishing with such insight and passion. He tells of his experiments with a new kind of improved drogue, of the breakthrough of the intermediate fly line, his discoveries about hook strengths and he shares his all-time favourite still water flies. "Trout from a Boat" will tell you a great deal about the craft of boat fishing and, as you learn, you will be taken to some fabulous locations and on some thrilling trips. Fully revised and updated edition includes new material on summer Caenis fishing, dry fly techniques and latest leader compositions.

Trout from a Boat : Author Dennis Moss : Published June 2013 : Format 246 x 189mm : Paperback : No. of pages 192 : 130 colour photographs
£ 16.97
Flycasting Skills by John Symonds & Philip Maher
Flycasting Skills Book, for beginner and expert. Flycasting, that key pre-requisite to all successful trout and salmon fishing, can be a stumbling block for many anglers. The "Flycasting Skills Book" With casting instructors Symonds and Maher, help you become a master of the fly rod. Whatever your present abilities, this book will leave you with the perfect casting skills for all situations. Clear and well-illustrated, this guidebook will show you, step-by-step, how to execute all the casts you will ever need: from basic Overhead cast to Double-handed Spey cast, and from the simple Roll cast to the flamboyant Snake cast, and many more.
Packed with useful tips on:
-which cast to use and when
-how to improve your casting techniques
-how to correct bad habits
-latest casts from around the world
-advice on best casting rods, reels and fly lines

"Flycasting Skills Book" will transform your casting skills whether you are a complete beginner or an already experienced flyfisher.
Flycasting Skills Book : Author John Symonds & Philip Maher : Illustrator John Symonds : Published March 2013 : Format 246 x 189mm : Hardback : pages 96 : 91 colour illustrations.
£ 14.97
The Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques
The Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques, by Barry Ord Clarke - A Comprehensive Guide to Tying Classic and Modern Trout Flies.
A one-of-a-kind book is that its the first tying book to have a video link for all the patterns featured. Watch Barry tying online, then turn to the matching chapter in the book to follow the step-by-step instructions so that you can tie your own fly in your own time.
£ 24.97
Flytying for Beginners by Barry Ord Clarke
Flytying for Beginners by Barry Ord Clarke - Learn all the basic flytying skills via 12 popular fly patterns.
"Barry has been voted Fly Tyer Magazine’s Fly Tyer of the Year 2021. The prestigious award honours the exceptional international contribution Barry has made to the world of fly tying with his innovative approach of linking his clear step-by-step tying instructions in book-form to his popular YouTube channel videos which then show him tying EXACTLY the same fly online. This ground-breaking ‘pairing’ is a first in the world of fly tying instruction"
Complementing this book you can also invest in Barrys Fly Tying Material pack so you'll have everything you need.
£ 14.97
Trout in Dirty Places
Trout in Dirty Places, featured by the Independent, BBC Radio 4?s Today programme, & Radio New Zealand...50 rivers to fly-fish for trout and grayling in the UK's town and city centres.Trout in Dirty Places is a guide to the most revolutionary development in British angling for many years: fly-fishing for trout and grayling in the very centre of towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom.From Sheffield to South London, from Merthyr Tydfil to Edinburgh, this is the cutting edge of 21st century fishing. Nothing is more surreal yet exhilarating than casting a fly for iconic clean-water species in the historic surroundings of our most damaged riverscapes - centres of post-industrial decay, but now also of rediscovery and regeneration.- fishing-focused profiles of 50 selected streams- interviews with local conservationists dedicated to restoring the urban rivers- local flies and emerging traditions, and details of how to get involved and support this restoration work.This book guides readers towards relaxing, good-value fishing on their own doorsteps as a viable alternative to more costly (and carbon-intensive) destination angling: a positive lifestyle choice in challenging moral and economic times.No one author or publisher has yet attempted to bring this emerging trend of urban flyfishing into a single, epoch-making volume. **A donation from all sales goes to the Wild Trout Trust and the Grayling Society ** Trout in Dirty Places by Theo Pike: 246 x 189 mm : Hardback : Pages: 256 :204 colour photographs
£ 19.97
The Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch
The Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch, a compact, little pocket book - the first ever to feature the natural insect next to its matching artificial fly - arms the angler with all the information he needs to select the right fly from his flybox..
£ 8.97
Fly Tying for The Beginner by John Veniard
Fly Tying for The Beginner by John Veniard - A TOP SELLER! A great little book for anyone wanting to tie flies. It takes you through the all basics with clear illustrations.
Note ' Fly Tying For The Beginner' book is included in the Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit.
£ 1.07
Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett
Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett, there has long been a divide between fly fishing and coarse fishing - but there is no reason for it! Over 3 million people in Britain fish one way or the other - and there is growing interest in combining these two major areas of the sport.
£ 19.97
The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots
The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots, "whether you are tangling with a ton-up tarpon or tricking a little brown trout, the knot matters. That's why anyone interested in catching (rather than losing!) fish, should read this book." Charles Jardine, from his ForewordThe Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots, 24 essential knots that every fisherman - game, coarse and sea - needs to know. This compact little reference book (ideal for slipping in the fishing bag) shows you in clear, step-by-step drawings exactly how to tie the knots and when to use them. Also included is expert advice on the latest in knot-tying tools and line connectors. This is the clearest, best-value knot book available. No angler should be without it.The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots by Peter Owen: 152 x 102 mm : Paperback : pages 80 : 73 black & white illustrations
£ 5.97
The Complete Illustrated Directory Of Salmon Flies
The most comprehensive directory of Salmon flies ever published. Respected international fly tying author Chris Mann has been studying salmon flies and their inventors for 30 years. Here is the end result. Paperback.
£ 19.97