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Turrall Fly Selections & Collections

Turrall Fishing Fly Collections & Selections

Turrall Fly Selections & Collections

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Fly Fishing Flies

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Offering both quality and great value, each of the Turrall fly selection provides the angler with a set of proven flies. An excellent way to stock up, whether you are looking for Trout Flies, Salmon Flies, Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Buzzers, Nymphs, Lures, Sea Trout Flies, Pike Flies, Saltwater Flies.....
Turrall Award Winning Fishing Flies are tied to the very finest standards through a combination of traditional craftsmanship & state-of-the-art technology. Thousands of Flies to choose, Turrall Fly Fishing Flies here.
Help choosing your Fly Fishing Flies? Fishing Flies - The Basics
Boobies Turrall Fly Selection - BOS
Boobies Turrall Fly Selection - The buoyancy on the eyes on these flies give a unique action in the water. The original method of fishing booby flies is on a sinking line with a short leader, allowing the line to sink and then retrieve with sharp pulls, pausing between to induce the fish to take. They can also be fished as part of a team of flies using the washing line method.
£ 9.87
Buzzers Turrall Fly Selection - BUS
Buzzers Turrall Fly Selection - Buzzers imitate the emerging stage of a midge and provide excellent sport on all Stillwater's from early season onwards. They are normally fished as part of a team of 3 or 4 flies with the heaviest on the point. Fished either static or very slowly they can produce fierce takes so make sure you hold on!
£ 9.87
Blobs Turrall Fly Selection - BFS
Blobs Turrall Fly Selection - Blobs may not be for the purist but they are without doubt, the most effective modern day lure available. They are deadly on the top dropper as an attractor fly or equally effective as a pulling pattern on the point. Here you have all the colours needed for different conditions
£ 9.87
Caddis Sedge Turrall Fly Selection - CAS
Caddis Sedge Turrall Fly Selection - Sedges are a staple diet for river and stillwater trout. As the light begins to fade on a Summers evening the sedges start to hatch and this can provide some of the most exciting fishing of the year. They can either be fished static or pulled across the surface to induce a take.
£ 9.87
Carp Turrall Fly Selection - CPS
Carp Turrall Fly Selection - Fly fishing for carp can provide some heart stopping moments while you wait to see if cruising fish will be tempted. These patterns have been tried and tested and the deer hair patterns can work really well when feeding natural baits and work really well with a coiled leader that reduces the resistance when the carp takes.
£ 9.87
CDC Dries Turrall Fly Selection - CUS
CDC Dries Turrall Fly Selection - CDC is the most, delicate and mobile feather to use on dry flies, proving irresistible to feeding trout.
£ 9.87
Crunchers Turrall Fly Selection - CRS
Crunchers Turrall Fly Selection - Crunchers are one of the most popular stillwater modern nymphs and are often fished as part of a team of 2 or 3 flies.
£ 9.87
Czech Turrall Fly Selection - CZS
Czech Turrall Fly Selection - These Czech nymphs are all tied with a weighted underbody designed to get them down to the feeding fish as soon as possible.
£ 9.87
Daddy Long Legs Turrall Fly Selection - DLS
Daddy Long Legs Turrall Fly Selection - Daddy long legs, or crane flies provide great sport especially later on in the fishing calendar when the naturals start to hatch.
£ 9.87
Damsels Turrall Fly Selection - DAS
Damsels Turrall Fly Selection - Damsel Nymphs are the most abundant food source for trout in nearly all stillwaters and so it is not surprising that they make up a large part of all fly boxes. This damsel fly selection contains unweighted and bead head versions including Turrall best selling stillwater patterns, the Blue Ray Bead Head.
£ 9.87
Dancers Turrall Fly Selection - DNS
Dancers Turrall Fly Selection - Delicacy and durability are the hallmarks of a Turrall fishing fly. All flies are tied with super fine extra strong polyester threads on Branded Japanese hooks.
£ 9.87
Diawl Bach Turrall Fly Selection - DIS
Diawl Bach Turrall Fly Selection - Dial Bach or 'Little Devil' originated in wales an has been developed over the years. It is a very successful fly when trout are feeding on midge pupae and is always popular pattern when fished as part of a team. In this Turrall selection you have some original and contemporary patterns using holographic tinsel.
£ 9.87
Hot Heads Turrall Fly Selection - HHS
Hot Heads Turrall Fly Selection - The hot orange bead on these flies provides that irresistible trigger point for feeding fish. The Hot Head collection contains one of Turralls most popular flies, the Hot Head Blue Ray Damsel. TOP SELLING Selection.
£ 9.87
Kennick Killer Turrall Fly Selection - KKS
Kennick Killer Turrall Fly Selection - Deadly fished on an intermediate or sinking line with a slow figure of eight retrieve.
Turrall Kennick Killer Fishing Flies - An irresistible fly to trout, Ultra Violet filaments run through the fritz body with sparse crystal flash and nomad style head.
£ 9.87
Klinkhammers Turrall Fly Selection - KLS
Klinkhammers Turrall Fly Selection - Invented by Hans Van Klinken, a Dutch angler, to catch trout and grayling this has become one of the most widely used emerger patterns for both rivers and stillwaters. The curved hook perfectly imitates an emerging insect and this selection provides all the colours needed to match the hatch.
£ 9.87
May Fly Turrall Fly Selection - MAS
May Fly Turrall Fly Selection - Mayfly hatches produce the most exciting fishing of the year. Trout will often go into a feeding frenzy and will take all of these patterns at certain times. Use the French partridge and Golden May as emergers at the start of the day and then the drakes and wulffs followed by the spend gnat later in the day.
£ 9.87
Midges Turrall Fly Selection - MIS
Midges Turrall Fly Selection - Midges are great flies to have when trout are being very selective. It is no good fishing with a #14 dry fly if the trout are switched on to tiny midges. You will need to reduce your leader to 2-3llb and don’t worry if you can’t see the fly on the water, the trout will find it for you!
£ 9.87
Montana Nymph Turrall Fly Selection - MNS
Montana Nymph Turrall Fly Selection - The original Montana nymph was tied by Lew Oatman of New York to imitate a stonefly nymph and had a yellow thorax. The pattern came to the UK in the 1950’s and is still as popular today as it was then. The 'Turrall Weighted Nymph Montana Green' is our best seller, but all of the colours work well a different times.
£ 9.87
Muddler Minnow Turrall Fly Selection - MUS
Muddler Minnow Turrall Fly Selection - The muddler minnow was invented by Don Gapen in the USA in 1937 and the versatility of the pattern is it’s ability to mimic lots of natural insects including grasshoppers, sculpins, leeches, crickets, mayflies and lots of terrestrials. The deer hair adds buoyancy and the fly can be deadly when stripped across the surface of the water.
£ 9.87
Parachutes Turrall Fly Selection - PAS
Parachutes Turrall Fly Selection - The parachute style of tying a hackle with a post makes the fly more buoyant and easier to see when fishing fast flowing water. In this selection you have a variety of patterns to imitate most naturals that you may find.
£ 9.87
River Turrall Fly Selection - RDS
River Turrall Fly Selection - These dry flies are a mix of specific imitations and general representations. The March brown, grey duster and iron blue dun are great early season flies. The black gnat, dark olive and blue dun are good all summer long and the tup’s and pale evening dun are usually good later in the season.
£ 9.87
River Emergers Turrall Fly Selection - RES
Turralls Gold Heads Fly Collection - 10 Flies - are packed in a clear plastic box 125mm x 80mm.All selections contain Turralls most popular flies.Note: Turrall Fly Selection Pack shown for illustration purposes only
£ 9.87
Turralls Special 4 Pack - Getting Started Deal
This deal is EXCLUSIVE to Troutcatchers, bringing together the most POPULAR Packs for starting, or bolstering your Fly Collection at a Special Discounted Price.Deal Packs Includes:-
- Turrall Wet Fly Collection - 12 Flies - WHS
- Turrall Dry Fly Collection - 10 Flies - DHS
- Turrall Streamer / Lure Fly Collection - 10 Flies
- LUS- Turrall Nymphs Fly Collection - 12 Flies - NYS
This Is also a Great Gift idea for the Fly Fisher!!Turrall Fly Selection Pack shown for illustration purposes only
£ 38.28
(-14.66%) £ 32.67
River Nymphs Turrall Fly Selection - RNS
River Nymphs Turrall Fly Selection - All of Turralls most popular nymphs in one selection. All of these patterns including the pheasant tail, hare’s ear and prince have stood the test of time and are still among our top selling flies and a good representation of many insects. Others imitate more specific insects like the mayfly, cased caddis and maggot.
£ 9.87
Snatchers Turrall Fly Selection - SNS
Snatchers Turrall Fly Selection - The snatcher was originally tied to represent a large buzzer pupae on large lochs and is a great pattern when trout are feeding near the surface. Turrall have incorporated all the popular stillwater colours into this selection.
£ 9.87
Stillwater Emerger Turrall Fly Selection - SES
Stillwater Emerger Turrall Fly Selection - The emerging insect is the most vulnerable stage of an aquatic fly’s life and therefore these patterns are a must for your fly box. Fish in the surface film of the water and are perfect for fishing as a team on droppers approx. 5ft apart.
£ 9.87
Stillwater Hopper Dry Turrall Fly Selection - SHS
Stillwater Hopper Dry Turrall Fly Selection - There is no better feeling than catching a trout with a dry fly. The Bristol hoppers are a good general representation of all terrestrials, the hawthorn is great early season when the naturals are being blown onto the water and the deer hair patterns are perfect in the evening when the sedges are hatching.
£ 9.87
Stillwater Lures Turrall Fly Selection - SLS
Stillwater Lures Turrall Fly Selection - There are times and conditions when only a lure will seem to work. If your quarry are not actively feeding it probably means they are a little deeper and an intermediate or sinking fly line often works well with these patterns. This selection contains Turralls top selling lure patterns to annoy fish enough to strike!
£ 9.87
Stillwater Nymphs Turrall Fly Selection - SYS
Stillwater Nymphs Turrall Fly Selection - A selection of all of Turrall top selling stillwater nymph patterns. Pheasant tails, hare’s ear and Montana’s provide a general representation of many insects while others, such as the bloodworm patterns and damsel nymph imitate more closely the naturals.
£ 9.87
Wet Fly - Loch Turrall Fly Selection - FRS
Wet Fly - Loch Turrall Fly Selection- Larger wet flies are perfect for loch style fly fishing. Successful when fished as a team of 2 or 3 flies and normally retrieved at a medium to fast pace keeping the flies in the top few feet of water.
£ 9.87
Wet Fly - River Turrall Fly Selection - FLS
Wet Fly - River Turrall Fly Selection - these fly patterns have stood the test of time and are still among Turralls best sellers. Fish individually, or as a team, upstream or down. Try them when the river is running high and fast for great results.
£ 9.87
Woolly Worms Turrall Fly Selection - WBS
Woolly Worms Turrall Fly Selection - The most successful lure pattern in the USA, both on river & stillwater's, now used all over the World for both fresh & saltwater. The marabou tail gives this fly lots of movement, both successful when fished slow to moderate as it can for a fast retrieve.
£ 9.87