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Amadou Fly Drying Patch

Veniard Amadou Patch
Veniard Amadou Patch - Rare natural Amadou fungus that has been used for over a century to dry water saturated fishing flies without damaging fly hackle. Its water absorbing abilities is quite amazing.
Amadou is a spongy, flammable substance and is found on ‘bracket fungi’. Amadou, also known as "horse's hoof fungus" or "tinder fungus" can be found on top of the fungus just below the outer skin and above the pores.
The Veniard Amadou Patch is manufactured with this natural fungus and attached to a smart Leatherette holder with a ‘D’ ring to attach to your waist coat / zinger for easy access, perfect for quickly reviving CDC or any other dry fly. Embossed Veniard logo.
£ 14.57