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Fishing Shirts

Snowbee Fly Fishing Shirt - 11800
Snowbee Fly Fishing Shirt, Snowbee's latest material uses a soft, high count cotton fabric for the ultimate Fly Fishing Shirt to be crisp, cool comfort in all conditions. Blended with this is a high tech polyester, ultra fast wicking & quick drying, plus an amazing crease resistance for minimum iron. Essential when destination fishing & you want to be able to wash you shirt at night and just put it back on in the morning.

Material: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
£ 49.99
(-7.64%) £ 46.17
Snowbee Superlight Fishing Shirt Long Sleeve - 11818
Snowbee Superlight Fishing Shirt Long Sleeve have a fine weave, lightweight polycotton material, wicks moisture quickly away, allowing it to evaporate, keeping you cool and comfortable, even in the temperature extremes the tropics can throw at you.
The top half of the shirt is lined front and back with a fine mesh, covered by external flaps, which allow free air passage to prevent the outer material sticking to the skin. You will find two large front bellows pockets for fly boxes and a Sunglasses holder loop on the chest. The long sleeved version features Swiss Cuff loops and buttons to hold long sleeves in place, when rolled up for casting. The Velcro 'button-down' collars prevent the collars flapping in a breeze
These stylish shirts use a base colour, with a contrasting over-check to achieve their unique colours

Material: 35% cotton, 65% polyester : Colours: Sky Blue; Putty; Dark Khaki : Available in Short and Long sleeves.
£ 57.99
(-7.62%) £ 53.57