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Fly Fishing Vests

Snowbee Fly Fishing Vest
Fly Fishing Vests & Waistcoats, superb for the 'Roving Angler' or Static Angler' who likes all their fly fishing tackle & accessories to hand and accessible. A great range Fly Fishing Vests & Waistcoats from Snowbee a leading fly fishing manufacturer, choose your design to best suit how you want to manage your fly boxes, tools, flies, floatants, leader & tippet material etc.
Snowbee Superlight Fly Vest - 11614
Snowbee Superlight Fly Vest made from a lightweight 100% Nylon Taslon material a modern high-tech, woven polyester fabric. It is a strong durable fabric, waterproof and very quick drying so you’re not left standing in cold. The Snowbee Superlight Fly Vest, full of features and plenty of accessible pockets so light, you won't know you are wearing it!
£ 64.99
(-10.03%) £ 58.47
Snowbee Classic Fly Vest - 11621
Snowbee Classic Fly Vest, a top quality, bank length fly-fishing waistcoat, the fly vest is loaded with features. Constructed in High performance Tussor Nylon Fabric which is wind and water resistant, ultra-lightweight and super-fast drying.
£ 73.00
(-20.59%) £ 57.97
Snowbee All-Seasons Fly Vest
Snowbee All-Seasons Fly Vest - Brand New, the Snowbee "All Seasons” Fly Fishing Vest, designed to cover all seasons & weather conditions, "one vest does it all!”
Snowbee All-Seasons Fly Fishing Vest choice of 5 sizes
£ 84.99
(-10.02%) £ 76.47
Snowbee Fly Vest / Backpack
Snowbee Fly Vest / Backpack, Award Winning - A unique and brilliant Fly Vest for Anglers on the move with masses of storage space. 'Tackle Testers Choice' Trout Fisherman.
£ 119.99
(-12.52%) £ 104.97
Snowbee Geo Fly Vest - 11619
Snowbee Geo Fly Vest, the new Geo fly vest offers quality, style and above all functionality, rolled into one.
The Snowbee Geo Fly Vest material is treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish.

£ 119.99
(-12.52%) £ 104.97
Snowbee Prestige Long Fly-Fishing Waistcoat - 11624
Snowbee Prestige Long Fly-Fishing Waistcoat, made from hard-wearing polyester cotton with a brushed outer surface. The Prestige Long Fly-Fishing Waistcoat shoulders are re-enforced with matching corduroy, which helps spread the load.
£ 119.99
(-25.02%) £ 89.97
Snowbee Junior Classic Fly Vest - 11621-Jnr
Snowbee Junior Classic Fly Vest is a top quality, bank length fly-fishing waistcoat for juniors, the fly vest is loaded with features. Constructed in 100% Tussor Nylon, this ultra-lightweight fabric offers comfort plus super-fast drying.
Other features include; 4 front zip pockets. 6 Velcro flap pockets. 2 Velcro tippet pockets. Rod loop & tab plus front & rear D-rings. Large rear zipped pocket for waterproofs. 5 internal pockets including a glasses pocket & secure zipped pocket. Rear mesh lining to keep you cool.
Full range of sizes including Adult sizes!

Colour: Sage Green.
Sizes: Child: S - M - L
£ 59.99
(-20.04%) £ 47.97
Snowbee Ultralite Chest-Pack
Snowbee Ultralite Chest-Pack - the New Snowbee Chest Pack is designed for the roving angler who likes to travel light!
Snowbee Ultralite Chest Pack - Awards - 'Tackle Testers Choice troutfisherman' - 'Todays Flyfisher Top Rated' - 'Trout & Salmon Recommends'
£ 64.99
(-10.03%) £ 58.47