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Dubbing Tools

Discover our dubbing tools

Stonfo Bodkin (Dubbing Needle) 445
Stonfo Bodkin (Dubbing Needle). A dubbing needle for picking out fur or dabbing on Cellire etc. With soft touch handle, the bodkin is specially designed so that the tool will not roll off the tying table.
£ 3.67
Stonfo Dubbing Twister 1 443
Stonfo Dubbing Twister, a high quality dubbing twister with a rounded wire head and soft touch handle.
£ 4.07
Stonfo Rotodubbing 1 439
Stonfo Rotodubbing a high quality revolving dubbing twister with a ball bearing inside for smooth rotation.
£ 9.77
Stonfo Dubbing Twister 2 444
Stonfo Dubbing Twister a high quality dubbing twister with Y shaped arms and soft touch handle, quality fly tying tool designed and based in Florence, Italy, for over thirty years. The Stonfo Dubbing Twister 2 will make your prepping of dubbing a lot easier, comes with instructions.
£ 4.07
Stonfo Rotodubbing 2 440
Stonfo Rotodubbing, a high quality revolving dubbing tool with Y shaped arms and ball bearing inside.
£ 9.77
Stonfo Dubbing Twister 469
Stonfo Dubbing Twister a high quality revolving dubbing tool. Very small dimensions.
£ 9.77
Marc Petitjean Twister
Marc Petitjean Twister, the ingenious spring ring allows you to open and close your dubbing loop easily (no weight is needed). In addition, the rotating handle, long arms and flexibility between the two, makes dubbing much easier by allowing the dubbing thread to be wrapped over the hook shank without interfering with the bobbin holder The Marc Petitjean Twister comes with complete pictorial instructions.
£ 29.47
Marc Petitjean Loop Clamp
Marc Petitjean Loop Clamps, designed to partially close a dubbing loop to incorporate a second or third component. The Marc Petitjean Loop Clamps comes with two pieces, to get the full benefit of this Loop Clamp use it with the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool set.
£ 6.07
Marc Petitjean Dubbing Needle
Marc Petitjean Dubbing Needle has a sharp point with a short handle, this needle is perfect to split the tying thread and create loops. Shorter for more precise work.
£ 11.17
Dubbing Spinner
Dubbing Spinner, hold the brass handle, then place your dubbing between the threads and spin for an excellent dubbed thread.
£ 4.87
Dubbing Needle & Hitch Tool
Dubbing Needle & Hitch Tool, the brass hexagonal handle prevents the tool from rolling off your bench, strong, long and sharp stainless steel point. Great for both dubbing and working with varnish.
£ 2.07
Stonfo Thread Splitter
Stonfo Thread Splitter, a high precision tool that allows you to split microscopic thread easily to make dubbing loops to insert dubbing or CDC fibres, this will quickly help form collar hackle or buggy dubbed bodies.Stonfo Thread Splitter works by simply inserting the fly tying thread into the centre of the thread Splitter, depress the spring-loaded needle upwards and this will split your tying thread. We found that the larger threads are the easiest, at least a 8/0 or 70 denier, they also need to be flat or semi flat, the round threads (Uni) won’t work as the thread is wound together. Ideal are the UTC threads. Also top tip, keep the point straight up and thread tight when using the Stonfo Thread Splitter for quicker and easier results. Overall a great product which will save you hours of frustration from using pins, needles etc.
£ 23.87
Marc Petitjean Thread Splitter
Marc Petitjean Thread Splitter
£ 15.17
Stonfo Creative Dubbing Kit STF648

Stonfo Creative Dubbing Kit a simple accessory from Stonfo allows you to build dubbing of various diameters and length for your fly tying requirements. 

The Stonfo Creative Dubbing Kit is supplied with two hair clips and a set of instructions.

£ 22.07