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Fly Tying Whip Finish Tools

Fly Tying Whip Finish Tool at Troutcatchers

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Fly Tying Tools

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Stonfo Whip Finisher 442
Stonfo Whip Finisher, a high quality whip finish tool for finishing heads of any size fly, comfortable to use by the tyer with its soft touch handle. The Stonfo Whip Finisher comes complete with instructions.
£ 5.37
(-10.00%) £ 4.83
Marc Petitjean Whip Finisher
Marc Petitjean Whip Finisher allows you to tie tiny knots, especially useful for small hook sizes. The tool rotates through the handle. The Marc Petitjean Whip Finisher comes with complete pictorial instructions.
£ 29.47
(-10.00%) £ 26.52
Mini Rotatable Whip Finish Tool
Small Rotatable Whip Finish Tool - A small rotatable whip finish tool ideal for finishing small delicate flies.
£ 3.97
(-10.00%) £ 3.57
Brass Whip Finish Tool
Brass Whip Finish Tool - A standard roto whip finish tool, ideal for all levels of skill. Supplied by Turrall and the Whip Finisher comes with instructions.
£ 3.67
(-10.00%) £ 3.30
Standard Whip Finish Tool
Whip Finish Tool - A superb Whip Finisher for the money from Veniard - Top seller.
£ 3.57
(-10.00%) £ 3.21