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Kitchinalia & Hot Smokers

Hot Smokers and Kitchinalia for Trout Cooking, choose your Hot Smoker, Filleting Knives etc from the Snowbee range of Trout Cooking Equipment & Hot Smokers.

Smoking has been a traditional way of preserving food, stretching back thousands of years, where our ancestors discovered that hanging meats and fish up close to a fire, extended the time they remained fresh. Over the centuries, the smoking technique has been refined and we now have two basic smoking methods; Cold Smoking, as used for Salmon, where the food is only smoked, but not cooked and Hot Smoking, where the cooking and smoking process take place together.

Kitchenalia & smoker cookers can be purchased by making your selections from our range below.
Filleting Knives & Boards

Filleting Knives & Boards

Kitchenalia for Trout Cooking and preparation
Snowbee Hot Smokers & Wood Chips

Snowbee Hot Smokers & Wood Chips

Snowbee Smoker solves the problem of what to do with the catch!