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Fishing Socks

Step into Comfort and Performance with Our Premium Fishing Socks - Ideal for fly fishing 

Snowbee Knitted CoolMax® Technical Boot Socks
Snowbee Knitted CoolMax® Technical Boot Socks - We all make do with any old socks inside boots and waders, and then often pay the price of blisters and sore feet! This is usually caused by chafe or excess perspiration. The Snowbee New knitted mid-length boot socks are purpose designed to prevent this.
Made from CoolMax® yarn, an innovative blend of wool, cotton, polyester, elastane and nylon, with a soft padded sole and heel, provides maximum support and comfort to the Angler, Hiker and Shooter.
£ 9.97
(-10.00%) £ 8.97
Snowbee Fleece-lined Neoprene Socks
Snowbee Fleece Lined Neoprene Socks, the Fleece line will ensure your feet are totally warm without adding bulk when fitted into your boots or waders.  Only 3.5mm thick, the Neoprene Socks are slim within the boot and have the added benefit of split seams at the top to accommodate a wider calf.
£ 17.99
(-10.00%) £ 16.19