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No Knot Eyelets & Fas Snaps

No Knot Fas Snaps
No Knot Fas Snap will get you changing flies in seconds, brand new from the USA these ingenious links allow quick and easy changes of your fishing fly without the constant need for re-tying knots. Simply tie one of these fas-snaps on to your leader tip or dropper and change flies easily. Particularly good for droppers as you don't 'shorten up' the dropper every time you change your fly. They are also equally good in the larger sizes for quick change of plugs or lures when spinning.
- Medium - for hook sizes 18 - 12 (Bronze finish)
- Large - for hook sizes 12 - 8 (Bronze finish)
- X- Large - for large saltwater / predator flies, plus lures & plugs. (Nickel Finish)
Packs of 5
£ 1.97
No Knot Eyelets
No Knot Eyelets, a brand new leader connector from the USA, designed for all braided core fly lines; they will replace looped connectors or needle shots. The eyelets are virtually weightless & incredibly strong.
The No Knot Eyelets are designed with 2 sliced 'barbs' on the shank and an eyelet on the end. Simply push the pin in to the end of your fly line and 'tap home' with a small hammer or any metal object. Once correctly in place, the barbs will offer incredible grip which is stronger than the tippet. On light dry-fly lines they improve presentation substantially whilst on heavier distance lines you don't get the tip cracking problems associated with the 'hinge-point' on braided loops.
Packs of 3 and simple instructions are on the pack.
- Small for Fly Line Weights #2 to #5
- Large for Fly Line Weights #5 to #9
£ 1.97