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Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon

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Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon, from the finest

Finn Racoon fur, this fly tying material

sourced from Veniard possesses the distinctive traits of Arctic Runner. Renowned for its exceptional softness and unparalleled mobility, the Finn Racoon adds a touch of luxury to your fishing experience.

Veniard Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon

boasts a plush texture that is not only pleasing to the touch but also imparts a lifelike pulsating motion to its wing. This unique feature makes it an irresistible choice for fly tying enthusiasts seeking to create flies that mimic the natural movement of prey in the water. With Arctic Runner so challenging to source, Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon is a very popular substitute, the main difference is the Finn Racoon has slightly shorter fibers compared to Arctic Runner.
Veniard Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon - Choice of 14 colours

Flies to tie using the Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon

  • Arctic Baitfish Streamer
    Materials: Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon, streamer hook, flashabou, and crystal chenille.
    Description: Tie a sleek and shiny streamer using Finn Racoon as the main wing material. Its pulsating motion in the water will attract predatory fish.
  • Arctic Runner Bunny Bugger
    Materials: Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon, rabbit strips, bugger hook, and wire.
    Description: Combine the movement of Finn Racoon with the irresistible action of bunny strips to create a buggy and attractive pattern for predatory fish.
  • Finn Racoon Emerger
    Materials: Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon, emerger hook, dubbing, and CDC feathers.
    Description: Tie a lifelike emerger pattern using Finn Racoon as the trailing shuck. Its soft and pulsating movement will mimic the emergence of insects from the water.
  • Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon Intruder
    Materials: Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon, intruder hook, ostrich herl, and UV materials.
    Description: Construct a large and enticing intruder pattern with Finn Racoon as a prominent feature. The flowing and mobile fur will provoke aggressive strikes from steelhead and salmon.
Arctic Fisherman Finn Racoon versatility makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of fly patterns and one of over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials in stock at troutcatchers.